‘Give Me All of Your Weed’ Masked Men Demand During Early AM Fracas

Haverhill police are looking for two men who allegedly struck residents early this morning at a North Avenue condominium complex while masked.

One resident was taken to a local hospital for what were described as “non-life threatening injuries” after the incident took place just before 2 a.m., at 440 North Ave. Police were called to the scene after receiving a report of two men attacking each other with wooden sticks. Upon arrival, one man reported he had been struck by two masked men while he was outside smoking a cigarette.

“Give me all of your weed,” one of the men demanded. According to police, “A struggle ensued between two assailants and multiple residents of the apartment, both inside and outside. The reporting parties claim to have no knowledge of who the assailants were or what they were demanding.” Police are not yet describing the nature of the sticks.

One of the masked men was described as thin and tall and the other shorter, police said in a statement. Haverhill police are asking anyone with information to contact them or leave an anonymous tip at 978-373-1212.

Besides responding officers, Haverhill detectives and a Massachusetts State Police K9 unit also investigated.


3 thoughts on “‘Give Me All of Your Weed’ Masked Men Demand During Early AM Fracas

  1. Once the pot law officially becomes legal it’s going to be like the wild west on the streets of Massachusetts.
    The spot market for people buying and selling pot is going to explode given the new law allows for people to grow up to six plants legally. The number of incidents like this police will have to respond to will be off the charts.

    Liberals call that progress……

    • Jack, your negative thinking cracks me up. The reason both parties can’t come together is because people like you can’t stop blaming the other party. Nothing will get solved with that type of negativity. Incidents like this will not be off the charts. Potheads aren’t robbing stores for money to buy more pot. Very seldom is there violence with/for weed. Stop reaching for something that is not there. Maybe you should smoke some weed to mellow out. Before you paint me for being the mayor or a idiotic liberal, I’m a republican who voted for Trump.