Haverhill Police Officer Allegedly Drove Drunk, Struck Parked Cars

Haverhill Police Officer Francis Carl Rogers was arrested and charged with drunken driving last night after he allegedly struck two parked cars in Bradford.

Rogers, 60, of Bradford, was arrested just after 8 p.m. when police were called to an automobile accident at 125 South Main St., according to a statement from Lt. Robert P. Pistone, police spokesman. Rogers was charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol, second offense.

The veteran police officer was released on bail pending his arraignment today in Haverhill District Court.

16 thoughts on “Haverhill Police Officer Allegedly Drove Drunk, Struck Parked Cars

  1. The video of him waddling down the sidewalk during the sobriety test was good TV. Great impression of a penguin. There is no innocence there, all guilt. I highly recommend making a bowl of popcorn before viewing.

  2. You idiots really believe Joe citizen is the mayor? Come on boys don’t you realize he’s actually busy doing a good job running a city? You trump lackeys are delusional. Just a couple of self important jerks!

  3. I see the one trick pony show continues. Everything is wrong and it’s the other sides fault.

    Rogers won’t be fired before due process is finished because, he could be innocent – the presumption of innocence. …ya know that pesky little fact you can’t get away from because of the Constitution.

    BTW the sign ordinance has been in place for decades and at times enforced. But, poor little Ricky feels he was treated unfairly. Poor little Ricky….a whining little bitch boy just like his thin-skinned President.

    I’m embarrassed to have an ( R ) after my name these days. MY Republican party has been hijacked by HATERS, SHOW MEN, LIARS, FLAG WAVING HYPOCRITES, AND WHINING LITTLE BITCHES.

    • Riiiiight, an (R) after your name. Nice try Jimmy. And regarding the constitution, I’m well aware, perhaps we’re talking about the FIRST DUI – see how that works snowflake? You can actually abide by the constitution AND convict a criminal. Amazing, isn’t it?

      Regarding the sign ordinance being enforced previously, as you said, “at times” – nice dodge. Try this, please list 3 times the ordinance has been enforced against a private citizen (not a business) – we’ll all wait for your answer – ok taxman?

      Also, you better watch your language here too Jimmy boy, using the “b” word isn’t very professional or mature, this isn’t the LET forum that you used to be able to run.

      Jimmy – YOU are the “thin-skinned” one – and boy did your last post just prove that. In a one on one debate on the issues in this city – I would destroy you.

  4. It’s a slap in the face to every Haverhill taxpayer that this dirt bag gets paid leave for a SECOND DUI. The mayor and the chief need to grow a set and fire this clown.

    • Jimmy Taxman would never protect the interests of taxpayers over unions in the city. Quid Pro Quo is his middle name.
      He’s up for reelection….he needs to live by his campaign slogan…..Union Votes Matter

    • I believe that the Mayor has final say on that matter. Way back when a cop was caught knowingly being present in uniform with cruiser outside, during a drug deal, It was rumored that the Mayor would not fire him. Only time will tell.

  5. Amazing! This story is an hour old and the unholy trinity (Duncan, Jack,Jack Haverhill ) haven’t blamed this on the mayor or innocent brown-skinned child.

    • Unholy ? How would you know ? Former priest were you ? That’s ok. You can keep your head in the sand if you like. I choose to know who is causing the problems. I am sure Jack and Duncan do as well. I think you are jealous of Duncan’s ability see through the crap and find evidence of said crap. But hey, that is what makes this country what it is. The ability for you to stay clueless is your choice. We will fight for your right to be so too !

    • Jim – you really need to get back to work and make sure no one is putting too many signs in their yard. You know, important stuff.

      By the way – how’s that state of the city address coming along?

      • Too funny, COB!!!

        Isn’t it interesting that Jimmy Taxman has no problem denying city taxpayers their rights to Free Speech and will then turn around and support criminal trespassers in the city illegally, and all the city employees that have literally stolen from taxpayers while on the job?

        It’s all part of his reelection campaign…. Criminals Votes Matter

        • I’m well aware of the games, double speak, and cronyism going on not only in our city, but throughout the state.

          Linda Dean Campbell emailed me the other day explaining her new “compensation adjustment” (not raise) and why it was so necessary – another joke.

          I am seriously wondering about the average mental capabilities of voters today who will continue to pay income, gas, sales, and inheritance taxes to fund a system that supports a whole group of people who simply don’t pay – or work.

          I know it’s been said the liberalism is a mental disorder – but in absolute reality, at least in Massachusetts, liberalism is a revenue eating, anti- law based CANCER.

          • I’ve talked directly with Campbell in the past. It’s like speaking with a wind up talking Liberal Barbie…all she does is quote all the liberal talking points like a robot. It’s insane…

            You should email Campbell back and congratulate her on the bill she got passed to protect dogs and cats that end up at MSPCAs throughout Massachusetts. And ask her since she is the Co-Chairman for the State Legislature’s Committee on PUBLIC SAFETY if she plans on dedicating any time to keeping women in Haverhill from being dragged into the woods at city parks and rape by criminal trespassers in the country illegally.

            Ask her if it is going to take pets getting raped by criminal trespassers before she does anything about the invasion that has taken place in the city.