Police Arrest Man Accused of Stealing Unattended Medical Records

A Haverhill man, accused of taking unattended medical records at a storage building, was arrested just before 6 p.m., Wednesday.

David Harder, 34, of 11 North Broadway, Haverhill, was charged by Haverhill police with larceny from a building. Police said Pentucket Medical, 1 Parkway, downtown, notified police Jan. 23 that a courier service left multiple boxes of medical records unattended and unsecured on a loading area at a Haverhill storage building. They reported a white male found the boxes, searched through contents and left with at least four boxes.

After an investigation, Haverhill Police sought and were granted an arrest warrant for Harder and arrested him at his home. He was charged at the police station and released until his arraignment in Haverhill District Court Thursday.

One thought on “Police Arrest Man Accused of Stealing Unattended Medical Records

  1. Sounds like “The gang that can’t shoot straight” all the way around! PMA for not securing medical records, AND why did David Harder steal PMA records in the first place? Did he expect to blackmail or use the medical info for some diabolical purpose?