After $33K City Hall Theft, Haverhill to Add Security Cameras

Dawn Marie Medford at her arraignment last month in Haverhill District Court. (WHAV News photograph.)

After the theft of $33,000 in cash in checks from the city treasurer’s office, Haverhill plans to add security cameras.

If city councilors approve spending just under $7,000 tonight, Sideband Systems of Beverly will install two security cameras at the Haverhill Treasurer and Tax Collector’s office on the first-floor of City Hall.

In a story first reported by WHAV, Dawn Marie Medford, 46, a former city employee, was charged with two counts of larceny over $250 and one count of larceny under $250. She was arraigned Jan. 17 in Haverhill District Court.

City Finance Director Charles Benevento recently told city councilors an outside auditor concluded just over $5,500 in cash was taken, and about $27,600 in checks. Medford, of 129 South Pleasant St., Bradford, is not charged with cashing any of the missing checks.

Benevento said the Treasurer and Tax Collector’s office has contacted all residents whose check payments were lost, and have been given the opportunity to make their payments again. They will incur no additional charges or fees, he said.

Medford worked in City Hall as a “floater,” working where and as needed in short-staffed city departments. Judge Patricia Dowling ordered Medford to return for a pre-trial conference Thursday, Feb. 16. Saying she could not afford a lawyer, she was assigned a public defender, attorney Christian Colwell, of Methuen.

5 thoughts on “After $33K City Hall Theft, Haverhill to Add Security Cameras

    • He may have disciplined the firefighters, but I think Jack is saying that he disciplined the firefighters for stealing but fired this woman and did nothing to the cop except to let him “retire” ? There was also another situation with a cop who was recorded being present during a drug deal in his cruiser and uniform and wouldn’t fire him either. It was a family member under surveillance. Later, the cop was arrested for other charges and then finally fired. There is a pattern here and Jack is not too far off Joe. Sounds crazy but others will tell you this stuff happens all the time.

      • Jack…There was NO discipline!!!
        The “discipline” for each of the fire fighters who received $1,800 in compensation for signing documentation that they took training which they never really took was to pay back the money. THAT is discipline to this corrupt mayor. I’m sure if he could have the mayor would have allowed the thieves to keep the money.

        Each of these Felons was also supposed to complete so many hours of community service. It is a standing joke now among these thieves that the mayor let them skate on that issue. Very few did any community service at all.

        If all of this wasn’t confirmation of Mayor Taxman being in the pocket of the unions of this city, just look at how he handled one of these felons specifically. After committing felony theft of over $250 which would result in the average person getting arrested and possible jail time, Deputy Chief William Laliberty was treated a little differently by the mayor. Not only did Laliberty not get fired he was promoted to Fire Chief of the whole department.

        Jack, you realize that Joe Citizen is actually Mayor Failurentini, don’t you?

  1. This is completely false.
    Shame on you Jack.
    Flaherty and the Mayor have been bitter enemies for years.

    But, don’t let the truth get in the way of an imbislic rant.

  2. What a waste of money.

    Jimmy Taxes is up for reelection so he has to give the impression he’s actually doing something productive to stop all the theft among City of Haverhill employees.

    Mayor Taxman, how about a photo opp of you and James Flaherty while you have breakfast several times a week at Mark’s Deli? Mayor, your buddy Flaherty stole from the Haverhill DPW for literally decades while you, knowing what he was up to, looked the other way. And you now have the nerve to go after Ms. Medford as if you’re some kind of super hero crime fighter? That’s embarrassing!

    How about a group picture mayor of you and the 30 Haverhill Fire Department employees who intentionally conspired with each other to commit felony theft by stealing over $55,000 from city taxpayers? That’s a lot of votes you gained mayor by only firing one of them.

    Mayor, Ex-Haverhill cop John Rogers would love to have a portrait taken with you for the upcoming reelection campaign. When he was caught “literally” sleeping on the job and you did nothing to prosecute him and let him walk right in and retire, think of the favor you did for him!! He’ll easily make over $1Million in his retirement all because you wanted to send a message to the Haverhill police union that you’re a vote thirsty Quid Pro Quo mayor. Of course, saving that $1Million+ pension that taxpayers are on the hook for never even crossed your mind, did it?

    Mayor, you need a slogan this election cycle…Votes Before Integrity….seems to fit your track record.