Council Grants Special Permit for Water Treatment Plant Project

City councilors on Tuesday granted a special permit to allow upgrades to the city’s water treatment plant that will require construction work within 500 feet of Kenoza Lake, the city’s drinking water supply.

Deputy DPW Director Robert Ward said the majority of upgrades planned for the water treatment plant will happen inside the building itself.

However, a limited amount of work, including construction of a 25 by 60 foot concrete wet well, paving, stormwater drainage and pipe installation will occur outside the building and within the protected range of a city drinking water source.

Ward said the city’s Conservation Commission has reviewed the project and placed several conditions that will protect Kenoza Lake during the construction project and “for all eternity.”

They include erosion controls, hiring an environmental monitor, regular inspections and reports to the commission.

When construction is finished, the Water Department will have to maintain a pollution-prevention plan, a spill-prevention plan and take special care with chemical storage.

Next, the project enters the city’s site plan process before the Planning Board.