17-Year-Old Son of Haverhill Councilor to Face Rape, Strangulation Charges

The 17-year-old son of Haverhill City Council President John A. Michitson will be arraigned early next month charges of rape and strangulation.

John S. Michitson, 119 Kenoza St., was indicted in December as a youthful offender. He had originally been charged in juvenile court with three counts of rape and one count of strangulation, according to Carrie Kimball-Monahan, spokesperson for Essex County District Attorney Jonathan W. Blodgett.

The grand jury indictment as a youthful offender means the younger Michitson’s name may be used even though he is a juvenile, the case is now open to the public and may be covered by the news media and he faces the same penalties as an adult if convicted.

Kimball-Monahan said Michitson’s case will still be tried in Essex County Juvenile Court, Lawrence.

25 thoughts on “17-Year-Old Son of Haverhill Councilor to Face Rape, Strangulation Charges

  1. This is common. When a girl gets raped it’s always attack the victim. Michitsons supporters are clearly playing the blame the victim game. You should be ashamed you hace asked your supporters to do this. John, focus on your family and leave the city council. Your political career is over as it should be.

    • Settle down Jack. The councilor has not been accused of any crime, nor has his son been found guilty of any. That is not an attack on the victim by any stretch. Sadly rape and victim blaming is not uncommon, likewise false accusations of rape are not uncommon either. You judge too soon.

  2. Doesn’t look like anybody is defending this kid. My original post has to with the headline. Shouldn’t matter whose son this kid is. WHAV is pulling a page out of thetribune and other papers. Attention grabbing headline which I was hoping WHAV was above.
    The readers log onto this site because we want to not because of the headline but because of the local and hopefully honest reporting

    • Yes thank you Dan.I do prefer news from WHAV above any others. But disappointed that they posted the names and personal information. Yes it’s hard on a victim if there was a rape, but there are a lot of innocent men who have gone to prison. I’m sad for all involved for how this news went.

    • Come on. You know full well WHAV would be accused of “covering up” if it didn’t mention the relationship. Beyond that, the information would eventually be out in other papers and then WHAV would look foolish for omitting it. Cut WHAV some slack. The radio station beats the Tribune every day. They’ve actually made that paper better by embarrassing them into running more stories…usually days or weeks after WHAV though.

  3. No one on this chain knows anything about the case. Let it play out and not be tried in the court of public opinion. Yes, they are a good family. And, bad things can and do happen to good people, whether it is of their own doing or not.

  4. Jack he is indicted which means probable cause was established- that is a very low bar. But , technically you are correct that some small measure of evidence exist that a crime was committed.

    Who knows? Sad story.

  5. It’s public record, it can be reported. Live a public life, and you are under the microscope such is the way. I feel better to have it in the open than hidden, individuals can make up their minds as they see it fit.

  6. Innocent until proven guilty. This should have nothing to do with Michitson’s political career. He has been an asset to this city. Look at the excessive list of national politicians with their own or their children’s arrest records… bush’s, Kennedys’, and many, many others. Stop being ignorant, all.

  7. Let us please remember that we do not know the full story. Ed and retired cop are right. As we have seen in so many cases, at times the headlines and what we may think, do not match the end result after trial. Let’s be patient and wait until the trial. Sadly some have already made up their minds.

  8. I am so disturbed with this article! This very well could be an innocent young man! It is not uncommon for any of us or our children to be falsely accused! Posting his name and personal information is unacceptable! When this young man is found innocent will you then post the accusers name and personal information? I expected more of WHAV!

  9. You all realize don’t you that state law legally prevents the media from discussing the victim or specific circumstances. Both sides of the story cannot be told until trial. It’s the law, like it or not.

    • Michitson is a fine city councilor, and nowadays anyone can be falsely accused of rape, so maybe you should consider following the trial and basing your judgement off of the results, not the allegations.

        • Jack, all the Duke lacrosse players were indicted too, but they all were all found innocent.
          Cut John some slack. He’s a decent, well meaning guy. I don’t always agree with his politics or decision making as a councilor, but I do know he’s a great family man. The hardest job in the world is being a parent, and for that he deserves respect and privacy. It looks like you’ve never experienced that, Jack. Show some class and cut the BS…it’s really tacky.

    • Your comment is truly unkind, uncalled for, and without merit. Mr. Michitson should only be judged for his contributions as a public elected official and for his own personal behavior. His parental skills are not in question at this time. Short of him being present when the alleged incident occurred, his moral character is not in question.

  10. No reason we have to know he is son of city councilor.
    These types of headlines aren’t necessary and I’m sure if it was you as the editor you wouldn’t want your family brought into one being arrested.
    This kid is wrong or at least appears that way (I know innocent until proven guilty) and his family shouldn’t be tried in the media.

    • Tough call. Where do we draw the line? If the president has a son accused, would that be mentioned? Senator’s child? The media would be accused of covering it up if it left it out.

    • Very true, this is awful and unfair to him and the family especially since nothing have been proven and it is all off allegations. Anyone can get accused of rape at anytime. No one has aright to act as though they know what is going on.

    • I wonder if the tables were turned and the Councillor’s daughter were the victim in this case if you would all still be defending the accused rapist? The lack of compassion for this poor girl and the assumption that she must be lying because the defendant is a “good boy” who comes from a “nice family” even though you know absolutely nothing about the victim herself is the exact reason why girls are afraid to speak up when these atrocities are committed against them. It’s a lose lose situation. Press charges and be called a liar or told you were “asking for it”, not to mention having to relive the horror over and over in the courtroom. Stay silent and suffer alone hoping he doesn’t hurt anyone else. The evidence will speak for itself in the end.