Police Remove High School Student for Alleged Knife Threat

A Haverhill High School student was removed from school this morning after allegedly threatening another student with a pocket knife.

Haverhill School Superintendent James F. Scully confirmed a parent’s report of the incident that happened just as a health class was about to begin.

“Apparently, a student removed from Haverhill High School this morning for possession of a small pocket-like knife,” Scully told WHAV. The superintendent said there was no physical contact between the two students involved. The matter is under investigation by Haverhill Police.

The father of the student who was threatened said the knife was one and half inches long. He said the incident was triggered when his son, described as “a high honors Classical Academy student,” turned on the classroom lights. Another student objected to having the lights on and allegedly pulled out the knife.

The parent said he will press assault charges.