Businessman Leaves $18 Million to Charitable Group

R. Kingman “King” Webster left $18 million to Essex County Community Foundation. (Courtesy photograph.)

Essex County Community Foundation is the beneficiary of an approximately $18 million inheritance—its largest gift ever—from the estate of a former Lawrence businessman and philanthropist.

The late R. Kingman “King” Webster left behind a legacy of giving, which was largely focused on providing Lawrence youth with educational opportunities, the foundation said.

“For King, it was about so much more than writing a check,” said Julie Bishop, ECCF’s vice president for philanthropy. “He wanted to know about these kids. He took them on field trips to broaden their experiences. He guided and mentored them and sometimes even helped with homework,” she said.

While the gift is unrestricted, trustees plan to provide scholarships for graduates of Lawrence’s Community Day Charter School and support other nonprofits in the Greater Lawrence area working to improve the lives of young people, said ECCF’s President and CEO Dave Edwards.

The foundation now manages 180 charitable funds and, since its inception in 1998, has awarded more than $38 million to groups across Essex County.

2 thoughts on “Businessman Leaves $18 Million to Charitable Group

  1. Praise God! Not only did you finally have something good to say about somebody but, I agree with you wholeheartedly.

    Maybe there’s hope for you Jack, to be a kinder gentleman in Mr Webster’s memory.

  2. King was the consummate gentleman and the nicest guy you’d ever meet.
    Years ago he promised an entire first grade class of Lawrence school children that he would pay for them to go to college when they graduated high school. He made good on that promise several years back. An amazing guy!!!