Police Identify Bradford Man in Armed Standoff

Carlos Perez is placed into a waiting ambulance at the conclusion of a four-hour armed standoff. (WHAV News photograph.)

The scene as darkness set in late Monday afternoon. (WHAV News photograph.)

The scene as darkness set in late Monday afternoon. (WHAV News photograph.)

A 37-year-old Bradford man is in custody after gunshots were fired at police and a four-hour standoff ensued in an Acre neighborhood.

Carlos Perez, of 9 Forest Acres Drive, was arrested about 6:30 p.m. without injury to him or police officers.

“After approximately four hours of negotiations, the subject surrendered peacefully,” said Detective Lt. Robert P. Pistone, police spokesperson.

The incident began at 2:30 in the afternoon when Detective Glen Fogarty attempted to arrest Perez on a warrant, alleging the man robbed a Dunkin Donuts store on Amesbury Road within the past month. Perez pulled a handgun out of his waistband, threatened Fogarty and fled to the rear of a single-family house at 71 Franklin St. The detective radioed for help and Massachusetts State Police Air Wing and K-9 units also responded with a single helicopter. Other helicopters from Boston broadcast stations caused some residents to panic, believing a much larger police operation was underway. While police cordoned off the area, Perez barricaded himself in the basement of the home, entering through a bulkhead.

“A law enforcement officer was heard yelling ‘gun!’ and shots were fired,” Pistone said.

Franklin Street Resident Also Charged in Related Case

Despite social media reports to the contrary, he did not take any hostages. State Police assumed command, calling in its Special Tactical Operations team for assistance. Pistone said Perez was acquainted with a resident of the home. In fact, police arrested Brandon Lucia, 24, at the same home two and a half hours before confronting Perez. Lucia was also sought for unarmed robbery in what, police would only say, is a related case.

After four hours, Perez surrendered to police. Although not physically injured, police said, he was taken by ambulance to a local hospital for “evaluation.” He faces arraignment this morning in Haverhill District Court on the original charge of unarmed robbery of the doughnut shop. Pistone said, upon investigation, Perez will likely face additional charges such as assault with a dangerous weapon.

Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini was the first to publicly comment on the situation as it unfolded, urging residents around 4 p.m. to stay in their homes or, if heading home, to seek shelter at the Citizens Center, 10 Welcome St. Some residents were also later evacuated. The mayor also confirmed, via social media, police had an armed person holed up at the Franklin Street home. The mayor said:

“The police have an armed suspect cornered in a home on Franklin Street. The police have the situation under control but so that they can do their jobs and keep you safe we ask that you stay in your homes until further notice.”

At least one city school bus, operated by North Reading Transportation, also diverted special needs students to the Citizens Center.

During the crisis, many media incorrectly identified the address and type of home. As WHAV previously reported, city records show the owner of the 71 Franklin St. single-family home as Jonathan Raymond.

7 thoughts on “Police Identify Bradford Man in Armed Standoff

    • Nancy1959….Don’t you have some criminal trespasser to let off after selling drugs in the city, or some new tax to create to further make Haverhill the dangerous cesspool you’ve turned it into?

  1. Great job HPD!!
    You guys have an incredibly dangerous job, especially in Haverhill where you have a boss who has rolled out the red carpet to criminal trespassers from other countries to seek safe haven in the city. Police in this VERY dangerous city are wise to shoot first, and ask questions later. Well done…

    The response by State Police was more than a bit over zealous. Was it really necessary for the SP to send multiple helicopters over ‘one’ guy refusing to come out of a house? How much did that cost taxpayers?

  2. Lots going on in Haverhill these days. Seems every day there is a violent incident going on. Pay not attention though, crime is down, re-elect me says the Mayor.