School Notes: Tilton Selected to Help Write Nation’s Report Card

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Tilton School fourth-graders will help the federal Education Department measure how well the nation’s students are learning math and English.

Only a portion of the fourth-grade class will participate, by taking the National Assessment of Educational Progress test, said Tilton Principal Bonnie Antkowiak.

The test, which is given to select groups of fourth- and eighth-grade students nationwide, is used to create a report called The Nation’s Report Card, which measures student achievement in subject areas including math, science, reading and English. The U.S. Department of Education posts the report on its website.

The selected Tilton students will take the test on Feb. 9. Antkowiak, in a letter sent to parents of those chosen to take the test, said participation is not mandatory. The students’ names are not attached to their individual tests and results will not affect their grades, Antkowiak said.

Each student will take either a math or an English test. There is no need for the students to study or prepare in any way, Antkowiak said.



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