Mt. Washington Alliance Plans Transportation Options Meeting

Neighborhood group Mount Washington Alliance will host a meeting Thursday, Jan. 5 to “explore safe, convenient, affordable and reliable transportation options for the residents of Mount Washington.”

Representatives of QRyde, a “community-based transportation provider” with an office in Lowell, are scheduled to give a presentation on its services from noon until 2 p.m. at Merrimack Valley Planning Commission offices, 160 Main St., Haverhill.

“QRyde offers a ‘complete set of tools and technologies so communities and transportation providers alike can create the transportation network they need. QRyde operates in dozens of communities in states across the country, as well as internationally in India and, soon, western Africa,’” a statement reads. “We want to change the way people look at transportation. We help foster communities and give them tools with which they can create transportation solutions that meet their unique needs. Everyone is entitled to affordable, convenient and most importantly safe transportation – we are just the people to create such a community.”

QRyde joined forces in September with Lowell-based Coalition for a Better Acre as a “transportation solutions partner” for graduates of the Coalition’s workforce Supported Training and Education Program, according to the company.

For information, contact the Mount Washington Alliance, through Community Action, Inc., at 978-373-1971, ext. 237.

One thought on “Mt. Washington Alliance Plans Transportation Options Meeting

  1. Qryde appears to be nothing more than a taxi service. They aggregate people within an area/neighborhood, company or organization and then promote themselves as a “community” based transportation service provider… if they are providing some kind of government backed public service. They even go so far as to push transportation as being an “entitlement”. What plays better in this out of control liberal state than that !!