Methuen Police Offer Rides to Tipsy New Year’s Eve Revelers

Methuen police want New Year’s Eve revelers to be safe on the roads Saturday night.

One way is through their Arrive Alive … Let the Methuen Police Drive initiative.

Methuen police will offer free rides home from 8 p.m. Saturday until 4 a.m. Sunday for local residents “who have been drinking,” said police Chief Joseph Solomon. It will run in conjunction with added police patrols to monitor for drunken drivers.

“You should never get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking,” Solomon said. “Methuen police officers are happy to assist any person who is celebrating in town and needs help getting home. Please, do not hesitate to reach out to us. This could save your life and others.”

Massachusetts state police plan at least one sobriety checkpoint on an undisclosed public way in Essex County, Friday and into Saturday.

“The purpose is to further educate the motoring public and strengthen the public’s awareness to the need of detecting and removing those motorists who operate under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs from our roadways,” said state police Col. Richard D. McKeon. “(The checkpoint) will be operated during varied hours, the selection of vehicles will not be arbitrary, (and) safety will be assured,” McKeon said.

Methuen residents can make local New Year’s Eve ride home arrangements by contacting Methuen police at 978-983-8698.