Auto Car Starter Cause of Carbon Monoxide Gas Filling Home

Haverhill Fire Department investigators suspect a malfunction to an automatic vehicle starter caused carbon monoxide to fill a home Thursday night.

Two people were transported to Lawrence General Hospital for evaluation after emergency crews responded to a call, at 8:08 p.m., to 199 Ferry Road, Haverhill Fire Chief William F. Laliberty told WHAV. A vehicle was found running inside an attached garage and, with elevated levels of carbon monoxide detected in the home, he added, “one could assume a garage door was closed.”

“An automatic car starter may have malfunctioned without the occupants knowing it,” Laliberty said. Investigators also reported carbon monoxide levels between 100 and 130 parts per million were detected inside. Levels of the odorless and colorless gas above 70 are considered dangerous.

An investigation is ongoing. No further information, including age, was available on the two victims involved, or of their current conditions.

A crew from National Grid was also called to the scene, officials said.