City Woman Faces Fugitive from Justice Charge in District Court

A Haverhill woman, charged with being a fugitive from justice, is scheduled to appear in Haverhill District Court after her arrest by Haverhill police Wednesday afternoon.

April Hale, 45, of 86 Twelfth Ave., was taken into custody, at 4:01 p.m., at 685 Washington St.

In other police news, Hector Ramos, 31, of 113 White St., Haverhill, was arrested Wednesday, at 11:12 p.m., at 62 Hilldale Ave. on a warrant related to driving without a license and a headlights violation.

2 thoughts on “City Woman Faces Fugitive from Justice Charge in District Court

  1. “Hector Ramos, 31, of 113 White St.” –

    Interesting. White Street. Where did I see this before? Oh that’s right, at 50 White Street, right around the corner, was the residence owned by a bogus shell company that housed Invaders that allegedly committed a rape at Haverhill Stadium. I wonder, not having a license at 31 years of age, maybe he is an Invader as well?

    Even more interesting, is the chain of ownership to this address, which is now currently owned by Vladimir
    Cepeda of “Cepeda Investments, LLC”, whose registered address is 136 Portland Street, Unit 2, Haverhill. He bought it off one of my hometown residents (Demetri) in July of this year, but where it got good is who Demetri bought it off of; “Citation Realty”, recently dissolved by the court in June of this year. Who is Citation Realty? None other than a member of The Bevilacqua Clan, Francis to be exact. Bevilacqua was also kind enough to send a couple dollars to Mayor Jimmy and Money Man Dempsey.

    Both areas, White and Portland are dumps (read run by slum lords), maybe even entirely Section 8 by the looks of the residences. It doesn’t leave too much to the imagination why this area would attract Invaders, especially if this city has a defacto “nothing to see here” unwritten policy towards Invaders making Haverhill a Sanctuary City. It would even be more amusing if both Ramos and Vlad’s are Invaders, just adding the insult to Residents who pay their taxes in order to support Invaders here, in a state that spends over $2 billion of the budget (i.e. housing, health care, education) on the Invaders in the first place. Sucking funds away from families who actually pay for the services, or even those who may need them, only to be turned away.