Haverhill High Athletic Hall of Fame Collects More Than 50 Nominations

(WHAV News file photograph.)

Fans of the Haverhill High School Hillies sent more than 50 nominations for athletes to be honored in a new Athletic Hall of Fame.

Director of Athletics Thomas O’Brien told WHAV today that induction to the HHS Athletic Hall of Fame will become an annual event.

The first round of nominees included members of the HHS Classes of 1916 through 2003, O’Brien said.

“We have not yet determined the number that will be included in the inaugural class, and have also not yet determined the details of the induction ceremony,” O’Brien told WHAV.

He said an announcement on both should come by early January.

O’Brien and the Haverhill school department began collecting nominations in mid-October for the HHS Athletic Hall of Fame. Student-athletes who graduated before 2006 and coaches who left positions at Haverhill before 2011 or are 60 or older were eligible for nomination.