Don’t Use City Trash Carts for Leaf Collection Dec. 3

As the city plans for additional curbside leaf collection days in 2017, Haverhill residents are being told to not use their city-supplied wheeled trash carts for that purpose.

With the next scheduled annual curbside leaf collection day Saturday, Dec. 3, a Haverhill public works statement said the wheeled carts, for the city’s automated trash pickup program, are for trash only and hauler Capitol Waste Services’ manual leaf collection method won’t empty the wheeled carts.

“Just as in the past, material must be in biodegradable paper bags or open containers. Leaves only! No branches, dirt, rocks, stumps, etc. Material should be curbside prior to 6 a.m. Please do not rake leaves in loose piles in front of homes for collection or use plastic bags as they will not be accepted,” a statement reads.

Beginning next spring, curbside leaf collection takes place April 15, June 10, Nov. 18 and Dec. 2. The schedule, expanded from the annual December leaf collection day, are a result of negotiations last year by Mayor James J. Fiorentini to use automated trash pickup system with 64-gallon wheeled carts. Last May the city implemented the program, which employs trash trucks, in some cases, with a side-mounted mechanical arm to lift and empty the carts in place of pickup crews.

For more information on curbside leaf pickup, call Haverhill DPW Solid Waste and Recycling Department at 978-420-3817.