College Funding Guru Shatters Tuition Cost Myths

Richard Joseph, founder and owner of MVP College Funding, shattered some myths about how to pay for college during a visit to WHAV’s Open Mike Show Monday night.

Joseph, a longtime resident of Haverhill, said my ivy league universities may actually cost less than public colleges and universities. For those who have already graduated from college, there are strategies for handling the debt load.

Video of the program may be seen below.

7 thoughts on “College Funding Guru Shatters Tuition Cost Myths

  1. He’s right. Many private schools have a lot more money to give out than public schools do.

    On an another note, Jack you are becoming a bitter angry guy and are losing any credibility you had. You attacked Dick for no reason other than to try to make yourself look and seem as if you know all the facts. You were totally wrong about him. Dick is a good guy and you just seem to bitch about things just to bitch. You seem to be a smart guy but when you pull this crap it works against your arguments. Duncan isn’t far behind. Guys, stick to the facts as It works better that way. Except for the Mayor as he warrants them. Lol

  2. “ivy league universities may actually cost less than public colleges and universities.” –

    Without even listening, its called ENDOWMENT. In the case of Harvard, I wonder if they ever recouped the billion that idiot hack Rubinite Larry Summers lost?

    Meanwhile, The Marty Meehan’s of Massachusetts commit economic rape and enslavement, along with shit results, and the media and Beacon Hill are silent. Brilliant. Oh wait, no they aren’t, Brian Dempsey, abet years ago at a “Go Public” forum held at HHS stated: “We’re working on it.” Indeed.

  3. College funding guru? In his own mind maybe.

    For anyone who pays attention to what goes on in this city, you’ll remember this self proclaimed guru was working as the pitch man for the janitorial company just a couple of years ago. He was the one in the center of the ruckus where police had to be called when he made a pitch to school committee members to privatize janitorial services in city schools. A couple of years before that, he was working as an installer for a hardwood flooring company for a couple of years before it went out of business.

    I don’t usually post public comments about people mentioned in articles on this site who don’t work in the public sector. In this case, I strongly suggest that anyone who would pay one penny to this “guru” and trust they will get competent, accurate advice on something as important as their child’s education financing needs to fully investigate who they’re dealing with. Parents planning for their child’s education via 529 College Saving Plans through Fidelity, Vanguard or any other investment company will be much better served seeking out professional advice with their certified financial planners.

    • Jack. I don’t know you, but, I would request that you at least get your facts straight. I did represent the company that won the bidding rights for the public bid for the privatization of the cleaning contract for the Haverhill School System. We responded to a public request for a quote from the City of Haverhill along with five other private companies. We went through a very public, 6 month process of selection prior to the presentation before the School Committee. On the night of the School Committee Meeting, I made a presentation, the vote was taken and the contract was rejected and I left the building. No police were called, despite my being verbally abused in the hallways and parking lot. As far as my qualifications: I am a certified financial planner and have taken care of several hundred families in the Merrimack Valley, NH, Maine and Rhode Island in the 10 years that I have done this business. There has not been a single complaint ever filed against me and the vast majority of the work I do is pro-Bono. To advise parents to use 529 Plans only demonstrates your lack of knowledge about the subject. I would request that you either show the moral courage to meet with me so that we can discuss my qualifications for the work that I do. If you do not care to do that, I would appreciate it if you would retract your insulting comment. Please feel welcome to call me. Dick Joseph 978-989-0008.

        • Duncan,
          The company I worked for responded to a Request For Quote (RFQ) from the City of Haverhill to privatize the janitorial service in all of the schools in Haverhill – along with 5 other companies. We won the bid because we had several other school systems where we were the private cleaning company and our company was the only bidding company that agreed to keep all of the existing Haverhill janitorial staff as employees with our company and keep them in the Union. Because I was the only member of my company who was a Haverhill resident, I was selected by the company to make the presentation and do all of the preliminary work, which included visiting all schools and making the dozen or more presentations leading up to the School Committee Meeting. I had not a single problem with anyone until the night of the presentation when there was a very large crowd of opponents and the opponents did not either know that we were keeping all of the employees or were given the wrong information, so the atmosphere, understandably for the janitors, was very emotional and hostile. I had nothing to do with the RFQ and nothing to do with the decision. I was just the presenter. Several people yelled at me, told me that I was a traitor to Haverhill (where my kids went and graduated) and followed me to my car. I was doing my job. I had no idea then and have no idea now who the people were. It was a dozen years ago and it was not something that ever came up again and I never gave it another thought until Jack brought it up.