Haverhill’s Veteran’s Day Parade Set for Friday

A Veteran’s Day parade in Haverhill Friday morning will mark the city’s holiday observance and to honor local veterans.

A parade will begin at 10:30 a.m., Friday, from VFW Post 29, Kenoza Avenue, proceed to Monument Square and Main Street and end at the Global Peace Monument on Ginty Boulevard, Mayor James J. Fiorentini said Thursday.

The parade concludes with services will be held at the monument, followed by a buffet luncheon at American Legion Farm, 1314 Main St.

4 thoughts on “Haverhill’s Veteran’s Day Parade Set for Friday

  1. You know Duncan, you do good work. But it is overshadowed by this angry bullshit you spew. Maybe if we didn’t get involved in some of the wars the world would be quite a different and much more dangerous place. Remember: People with your same opinion wanted nothing to do with the war in Europe back in the 1940’s. Let that sink in and let us all wonder what the world would look like today with Germany in control of Europe. Maybe look at South Korea or Kuwait too.

    • Well, just over 25 years since I was deployed to that The Middle East shithole and not one thing has changed except the amount of injured and dead Americans. And for what? “Freedom?” “Democracy?” Please. The Vets younger than I coming back from that shithole are just as cynical, but are far worse off (suicide, employment, injuries). The Middle East and wars prior are apples/oranges in both political and tactical terms, and as we now know, courtesy of Wikileaks, our own government, or at least some members thereof were working against our own troops, including our sales of our own weaponry being used against us.

      I’m fine if you or anyone else thinks my opinion is bullshit, but having been there, I’ve grown weary of endlessly reading that more of my fellow Americans die needlessly or for some bullshit political or corporate agenda.

    • Or, stop supporting/electing war-mongering jackasses.

      I know that’s a tall order for some, especially for hypocritical political Party loyalists that would never send their own kids to the field of battle, but if you truly want to help the military/Veteran folks, stop the endless global campaigns of war. Aside from the Invaders politicians already let in to this country, we are in no imminent threat of a full blown war on our own soil (except within). Sure, it may hurt political campaign donations from crony corporate war-mongering special interests to bought and sold pols, but it would save lives, AMERICAN lives.

      It will also cut down on Americans that keep coming home in peices, only held together by prosthetics, as well as cut down on the over twenty (20) Veterans PER DAY that attempt or succeed in committing suicide.

      So maybe instead of saying “thanks”, maybe add: “Are you ok?” Stop pretending to support Veterans, if you really support Vets, stop voting for those who keep voting to fund and send us to wars that will not end.