Haverhill Democrats Offer Free Rides to the Polls Tuesday

The Haverhill Democratic City Committee is offering free rides to the polls on election day.

Any registered voter needing a ride to their voting precinct may call 978-476-6966 to arrange transportation.

In addition, the committee’s “Coordinated Campaign Headquarters,” 149-153 Washington St., will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday. Volunteers are also being sought to help the Clinton/Kaine campaign.  Lawn signs and bumper stickers are still available for most Democratic candidates, including Niki Tsongas for Congress and the Clinton/Kaine campaign.

For more information, contact Roz McKeon, headquarters chair, at 978-373-4032 or [email protected], or Bill Cox, city committee chair, at 978-374-6297.

3 thoughts on “Haverhill Democrats Offer Free Rides to the Polls Tuesday

    • Hi Dan,
      Cox is part of the “Friends of Jimmy” club. He appoints his personal friends to these part time gigs where they can collect a paycheck without literally having to do anything. What better way for a dictator to protect his circle of influence and power than to surround himself with friends and promote cronyism? He did the same thing with the appointment of William Laliberty to Deputy Chief of the fire department. Not that it was too obvious or anything. Just because Laliberty committed conspiracy fraud and a felony while working for the department when he stole $1,800.00 from city tax payers doesn’t mean he won’t be a loyal servant to taxman Jimmy. The ability to keep your mouth shut is a valuable character trait if you’re a city employee in Havehill.

      The only person that mayor taxman doesn’t have under his thumb is Supt. Scully. That’s why the schools have been run so well since he arrived on the scene.

  1. In an article in the Eagle Tribune yesterday, it was confirmed that Haverhill mayor Taxman intentionally went out of his way to interfere with this election, and the Constitutional Rights to Free Speech of a citizen of the city. In following up on the issue of a Haverhill citizen being instructed by the city of Haverhill that he had to remove campaign signs from his property or else face a $300 per day fine, we now know the signs were not removed and the citizen was not fined by the city. The city made those threats two months ago.

    For the follow up article, every city employee involved with this matter that was contacted by the ET refused to comment on the issue. I wonder why? If your boss tells you to do something, you do it. They couldn’t well say that, now could they? It’s like organized crime…you do what your boss tells you to do and then keep your mouth shut.

    The mayor used the power of his office to threaten a citizen of the city to shut him up. There’s no lengths this disgusting mayor will go to to promote the insanity called liberalism in this city.