Police Looking for Two Lawrence Jail Escapees

Essex County Sheriff Frank G. Cousins Jr.

Area police are on the lookout for two inmates who walked away Wednesday from the minimum-security Lawrence Correctional Alternative Center, also known as The Farm.

Manuel Perez, 22, and Levi Montalvo, 23, both originally from Puerto Rico, were reported missing by Essex County Sheriff Frank G. Cousins Jr. around 2 p.m.

“They are still at large and we are still actively looking,” county spokeswoman Barbara A. Maher told WHAV Thursday. Out of concern for the ongoing search, she did not indicate whether authorities received leads about the inmates’ whereabouts.

Both men were held at The Farm as they awaited trial. Perez faces motor vehicle theft charges, while Montalvo faces charges of violating an abuse prevention restraining order. Both are said to have family connections in Lawrence.

Perez has several tattoos on his hands and forearms, including the Puerto Rican flag on his right hand. Montalvo has tattoos of skulls on his abdomen, back, and left arm, the sheriff’s department said.

“While they are not classified as violent offenders, the public is urged not to approach them if spotted, as they may be dangerous,” a statement from the Corrections department said.

Anyone with information is asked to call 978-750-1900, ext. 3302.


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