Council Hopes $15,000 Worth of Signs Will Ease City Hall Visitors’ Confusion

Haverhill City Hall. (WHAV News file photograph.)

Haverhill City Hall, view from Summer Street

It’s a common complaint among visitors as they enter Haverhill City Hall: the location of essential city department offices seems like a heavily guarded secret.

City Councilors hope $15,000 worth of new signs will eliminate the problem.

The council Tuesday unanimously approved transferring the money from a city capital projects account to pay for new signs inside City Hall tailored to alleviate the confusion of residents as they enter the building to do business.


3 thoughts on “Council Hopes $15,000 Worth of Signs Will Ease City Hall Visitors’ Confusion

    • Put out to bis you say? Put out to bid? I’m not sure…..perhaps if Jimmy Taxes has a brother-in-law somewhere in the sign business, or maybe Brian “Santa Claus” Dempsey knows an out of work printer going through the twelve step program that could get these signs printed…..and by the way, are these signs going to be printed in English…OR………….( I think I know the answer )

  1. Absolutely ridiculous. You walk in and most everything is posted plainly that you need.

    What ever happened to ASKING SOMEONE if you’re not sure where to go, since most everyone in the building WORKS THERE..

    Haverhill is losing its mind, just like America – soft, weak, and clueless. What a shame.

    15k of wasted money – as usual. I’d would challenge any city council member to defend that expenditure. (They won’t)