Administration Asks Haverhill Council to Approve City Hall Signs

New interior signage could come to Haverhill City Hall if the City Council Tuesday approves a $15,000 capital improvement proposed by the administration.

Haverhill Purchasing Director and Energy Manager Orlando Pacheco seeks to have updated signage, tailored to specific building entries, as guidance for those doing business at City Hall to reflect, in part, relocated offices. Mayor James J. Fiorentini supports Pacheco’s request for a $15,000 transfer from a city capital projects account to pay for the project.

“Much of the existing signage is inaccurate due to the relocation of offices. City Hall also has a number of different entry points and the signage will be custom tailored to that entry point. This should avoid much of the confusion when residents come into City Hall to do business,” Pacheco wrote to Fiorentini.

Also on Tuesday’s meeting agenda, councilors are asked to approve a round of step salary and wage increases for the city’s engineering, highway/park and inspectional/nurses collective bargaining groups. According to ordinances filed two weeks ago, engineering and highway/park union positions are to receive a 4.6 percent pay raise over three years. The engineering group agreement is retroactive to June 1, 2014, while a salary schedule for highway and park workers covers the current fiscal year through 2019. Meanwhile, a one-year agreement for inspectional and nursing employees would bring a 1.7 percent pay raise in the current fiscal year.

The Haverhill City Council meets at 7 p.m., Tuesday, in Theodore A. Pelosi Jr. Council Chambers at Haverhill City Hall.

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