Sparky Says Replace Smoke Detectors Every 10 Years

Charles Yates meets “Sparky” the fire dog. (WHAV News photograph.)

It’s not enough to check your home smoke detector batteries. The units, themselves must be replaced every 10 years.

Haverhill firefighters wanted to send home that and other safety messages during Fire Prevention Week, and “Sparky” the fire dog helped them do it. During an open house Tuesday night at the Water Street station, children posed with a robotic Sparky. Jolene Yates said her child, Charles, had fun learning some important lessons.

“Fire trucks are awesome and firefighters are really important,” she told WHAV.

Deputy Fire Chief Jeffrey Akstin said activities this year are aimed at reminding people to check the date of their home smoke alarms.

“Check the date on the back of those smoke detectors. Make sure they’re not within 10 years.” He said manufacturers are making it easier to remember.

“A lot of times they sell them now with a 10-year battery. So, you just buy it, leave it up there 10 years, get rid of it after 10 years.”