NECC President Glenn Comes Out Against Donald Trump

Northern Essex Community College President Lane A. Glenn. (File photograph.)

Facebook post by Lane A. Glenn, president of Northern Essex Community College.

Facebook post by Lane A. Glenn, president of Northern Essex Community College.

Although he was careful to note he was writing as a private citizen, Northern Essex Community College President Lane A. Glenn nevertheless told his Facebook followers Sunday they should “vote for anyone but Donald Trump.”

Glenn’s remarks received “likes” from a number of present and past political figures such as Republican West Newbury state Rep. Lenny Mirra, Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera, Lawrence Democratic Rep. Marcos A. Devers, former North Andover Democratic state Rep. David Torrisi and former Haverhill City Councilor Kenneth E. Quimby.

“I write this not as a member of a particular party, or representative of any organization; but as a private citizen who cares about this country and our collective future, and as the father of two young girls: On November 8, vote your conscience, and vote for anyone but Donald Trump,” Glenn wrote.

WHAV has reached out to Glenn for elaboration.

Glenn was named president of the college in 2011. Previously, he served as vice president of academic affairs for five years.

17 thoughts on “NECC President Glenn Comes Out Against Donald Trump

  1. Pot meet kettle. OMG, Trump has a potty mouth. STOP the presses. I wonder if Mr Lane is as concerned about the same language being used on his campus every day. What about in the gym or locker room or the ball fields or basketball court ? The Hypocrites are coming out in droves. The politicians are the worst. Anyone want to ride with Teddy K ? How about a ” waitress sandwich” ? Oh right. That’s ok for them to do it. Gag !

    Of course he is entitled to his opinion. We all are. But let’s be real here. Where was Mr. Lane back when actions, which are worse than words, showed the true stripes of Bill Clinton ? Where is he regarding Bill Cosby ? As a matter of fact, WHERE was everyone back in the 90’s ? The womens’ groups ? The liberal icons who STAND for women’s rights ? WHERE WAS THE CHAMPION of women’s rights, Hillary Clinton ? WHERE are they NOW ? Oh yeah right, those women don’t count. But shouldn’t” all women be heard ?”, as Hillary recently stated. Crickets except for a few.

    Look at the shiny object over here. Pay no attention to my record or what has recently been revealed in hacked emails. It’s not about the content. It’s about the hack and those nasty Russians. Did I tell you how I “reset” those Russians says Hillary ? Let’s worry about Trumps potty mouth instead of ISIS, or Syria, or our Veterans, or the lack of Jobs, or Illegal Immigration, or our $20 trillion in debt, or our horrible education system or the Opioid epidemic or our inner cities and the murders there or the supreme court or federal judges or the corruption in DC or why National security secrets were not guarded or terrorism within our country, or …………….

  2. Asking people to vote their conscience is fine – absolutely no issues there. However, covering up that ask, with a suggestion on who NOT to vote for crosses the line from professionalism – to being a liberal hack. (or a conservative one if the opposite were done)

    This is typical of Mr. Glenn’s ilk. They celebrate diversity – as long as its THEIR diversity you celebrate.

    I reject his posting as insincere and rude.

  3. Dr. Lane Glen is a strong and very important community leader. He is the leader of the Merrimack Valleys biggest and best asset, Northern Essex Community College. Of course everyone is not going to agree with his presidential thoughts. However we all should respect his constitutional right to express his thoughts on the matter. His expression was as a private citizen and not as the leader of NECC. Thank you Dr. Glenn for all that you have done for us in you leadership role at NECC.

      • Editor’s Note: This is not a fair statement. To the contrary, if a public figure in WHAV’s service area issues a statement withdrawing support from Clinton or any Democrat or liberal, for that matter, it is news and will be reported. Similarly, major endorsements are regularly reported. (e.g., The very existence of this forum demonstrates WHAV’s interest in securing contrary opinions. This being said, there are conservative-leaning news media in the market that are balanced by some of the voices heard on WHAV.

        • Are the conservative news media local?
          Again it’s not news, he is not an elected official. I won’t argue this further as I am not in control of this station.
          Since a comment was made about this by the news editor may I ask why there isn’t local coverage during the weekend? I will give you high praise for the local news and timely fashion it gets put out.
          Any chance of posting the city council and school committee agenda prior to the day of the meeting and possibly the minutes of the meeting? Difficult to find it on the city page.
          Thank you.

          • Dan, I sent you an email to the email address you have on file. I am more than willing to discuss this in detail. If it helps to more timely answer your question about weekends, WHAV just put 97.9 FM on the air after 12 years of working (and spending) on it. Weekend help, as at the other media, has been difficult to regularly fund. Now that the FM is on the air, maybe those sponsors and donors that told WHAV they were waiting for the on-air station will now write those checks. I’d love to do more with the city council and school agendas. There’s even a backstory there I’d happily tell you.

        • WHAV: I understand fully your justification for running this article, however, you leave it to the reader to as to figure out why he is voting against Trump. It would be of significant benefit to readers to help “connect the dots” between his liberal policy decision making at a state community college paid for by taxpayer funds and this announcement.

          I’ve stated one policy above of him setting up a program to assist citizens of the Dominican Republic to transfer credits to NECC to get a degree. This past year there also was the controversial decision regarding the appointment of a graduation commencement speaker which promoted a liberal agenda.

          Including in the reporting NECC decision making and his own personal opinions gives incite to what is happening there that most readers have no idea about.

  4. Lots of angry replies here. Mr. Lane on his Facebook page speaks as a private citizen. He is entitled to his opinion as any Trump supporter here is of Mr. Trumps right to degrade women, veterans, anyone not white and the handicapped.

  5. “I write this not as a member of a particular party” –

    Sure, we believe that.

    Maybe he can economically enslave another 20K kids while he’s at it. CONgress Members like Niki Tsongas and former Senator Hillary Clinton VOTED for it when they increased student loan debt limits. Then his friend Niki did it again in 2010 when she voted private lending out of student loans and put 100% of the risk on taxpayers/borrowers. No wonder Glenn is coming out against Trump, he’s a direct beneficiary of his PARTY’s Legislation/policy.

    Some may remember years ago, Glenn, Brian Dempsey, Marty Meehan, and the rest of the crony hacks came to Haverhill promoting a “Go Public” forum at Haverhill High School. I brought my then young children to see liars and hacks like Glenn in action. Brian Dempsey back then when asked by me about the increase in costs at PUBLIC schools over the years was answered: “We’re working on it” – Of course yet another lie by the corrupt crony Dempsey, but voters keep electing this enslaver of our youth and crony capitalists dream come true. Marty Meehan of course got all red faced when I questioned about costs, results, and debt, this idiot hack then tried to compare a for-profit school (University of Phoenix) with UMass-Lowell. Of course, many in the audience probably didn’t see him for the red-herring fraud he was and still is, but at least my kids got to see what kind of jackasses are ready to enslave them when it’s their turn to go to college. Meanwhile, Meehan got promoted to “Enslaver-In-Chief” of the entire UMass system. Brilliant.

    Dear Millennials et al., you are being economically raped by people like Glenn and those he supports, while he benefits directly from you being raped! Of course, try getting that pesky statistical data of RESULTS graduating from any of these state schools. You may go to school and graduate, but if you end up working at McDonald’s, you’re employed and it’s considered a success by these schools! Meanwhile, enjoy paying those debts for 20 years. Glenn is a hacks hack, enslaving an entire generation of our fellow Americans.

    Meanwhile, we have two of the worst Presidential Candidates in U.S. History, an arrogant and ignorant moron in Trump, and the epitome of pure evil and death in Clinton.

    Well done America, well done.

  6. Does anyone reading this really care who this hack supports?

    What readers (especially parents and students attending NECC) should know about Lane Glenn is that he set up a program to allow criminal trespassers from the Dominican Republic to easily transfer credits from Dominican community colleges to NECC. By facilitating illegal trespassers in this country to easily attend NECC he is putting a financial drain on the college that all students must pay. Most importantly, as the leaders of the Dominican community colleges attested to when they visited NECC regarding this program….Lane Glenn setting up a program to allow trespassing illegal Dominican Republic residents to earn degrees at NECC makes it easy for them to take jobs away from Americans once they earn a degree.

    Promoting this liberal hack as some kind of Haverhill community leader is disgusting.

  7. Kenny Quimby really??? Who is Kenny Quimby??
    Mr Lane is entitled to his opinion as a private figure.
    No disrespect to him but I could care less on who he is voting for and not voting for. Shouldn’t even be a news story but I know it’s a holiday and news doesn’t happen over the weekends, at least according to the the news sources in the city.

    • Why shouldn’t this be a news story? He is a public figure, well-paid with public dollars and considered influential. Since Dr. Glenn is an advisor and mentor to hundreds of students and sets policy, it is very good he is stating his position. He obviously intended this to be public since he went out of his way to emphasize “private citizen.” You don’t do that if you’re talking to family members and close friends. Depending on who you support (or don’t), the information may be telling.

      As far as weekend news goes, I’m not sure what you are talking about. WHAV has more local stories than anyone else (except sports). It’s relatively new and probably still experiencing some growing pains, but better than anyone else.

      • Don’t make excuses for this news station. News happens everyday not Monday throu Friday. That’s all I am stating.
        In regards to Dr Glenn, it is his opinion and if he is paid by tax dollars maybe he should keep it to himself. Regarding him being an advisor in the school setting his politics should be kept out. It happens in public schools daily and quite frankly it is not the public educators business to speak about their political views to the students. Doesn’t matter who you are voting for.

        • VERY well said Dan !!!
          Especially the part of public school teachers spewing their personal political opinions in the classroom. I go through this all the time with the crap that I hear teachers are saying in the classroom. The part that is especially maddening is that in 99% of the cases what is being said is outright lies and not backed up by facts.