White Cane Safety Day October 15

Gerard R. Boucher of Haverhill.

Local blinded war veteran Gerard R. Boucher is reminding drivers to yield to pedestrians especially those who are blind and visually impaired as White Cane Safety Day returns again this month.

Boucher, of Haverhill, urges residents to recognize the importance of White Cane Safety Day as a reminder to be observant of pedestrians who are using white canes or guide dogs when they are out on a walk.

“In the 45 years since White Cane Safety Day was first proclaimed by President Lyndon Johnson, Americans who are blind or have low vision have achieved substantial progress,” he said. “By joint resolution approved on Oct. 6, 1964, the Congress designated Oct. 15 of each year as White Cane Safety Day to recognize the contributions of Americans who are blind or have low vision.”

Boucher said he wants drivers to be more aware of those using white canes and guide dog travelers all year long, and not just on White Cane Safety Day.

For more information about White Cane Safety Day, residents may call the Blinded Veterans Association at 202-371-8880 or 800-669-7079 or Boucher at 978-521-3982.