Northern Essex Students Share $200,000 in Scholarships

Jenna Naylor was one of dozens of Haverhill residents to receive Northern Essex Community College scholarships for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Courtesy of Northern Essex Community College

By all accounts, Haverhill’s Jenna Naylor had it all – a happy marriage, three boys, a respectable job, two dogs, a kitten and even a few fish. What she didn’t have was a college degree – a detail this Northern Essex Community College (NECC) night student is working toward correcting.

Currently holding a 3.62 GPA, the 35-year-old Naylor was recently awarded the Haverhill Rotary Club Scholarship of $1,500. She was one of some 200 Northern Essex students, 41 from Haverhill and Bradford, to share more than $200,000 in scholarships.

“This was really important…with the kids, the textbooks, life in general, it’s pretty expensive. It was a relief to receive the scholarship. It will cover my two classes this fall,” she said. “It was also a real honor to be recognized. I’m really thankful.”

When Naylor graduated from Georgetown High School in 2000, she briefly attended Fitchburg State followed by two semesters at North Shore Community College. She knew she wasn’t ready to commit to college, but was ready to work. In 2003, she accepted a position as a dealer relationship manager for an auto financing company. She has been there 13 years.

While Naylor enjoys her sales position, she said, she came to realize she wants to eventually work in health care. She is completing her college math and science classes by enrolling in two classes a semester. She attends NECC classes several nights a week after her 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. job ends, in preparation to enroll in a health care program.

“I really think I would love to be a nurse,” she says. “I love the human body and the science behind it. I really find it intriguing. And, I enjoy caring for people. My Dad is blind so I guess I have a soft spot for individuals who require that extra assistance.”

Naylor is on track to graduate in May of 2017 and continue in a nursing program in fall of 2017. Her dream job she said would be to work as a labor and delivery nurse.

Other Haverhill and Bradford residents to receive scholarships include:


Heather Auclair, NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

Stephen Beliveau, Pentucket Bank Scholarship

Rose Bellahalea, Dr. John G. Santos Environmental Education Scholarship

Marissa Bocchetti, NECC Foundation, Inc. Incoming Freshman Scholarship

Marissa Bocchetti, Follett Bookstore Gift Cards

Madison Brasier, NECC Alumni Association Scholarship

Andreina Cedano, NECC PACE Program Transfer Scholarship

Sarah Corthell, NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

Samantha Dacey, Geraldine Murphy Scholarship

Edelth Dorestant, J. Herbert Kimball & John Rogers Memorial Scholarship

Sabrina Duckworth, Irene J. & Michael A. Bevilacqua Memorial Scholarship

Jessica Figueroa, NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

Katherine Hailson, NECC Presidential Scholar Award

Gwendolyn Hampton, Women of NECC Scholarship

Andres Hernandez, NECC PACE Program Transfer Scholarship

Mindy Janackas, Angela R. Guarino Memorial Scholarship

Mindy Janackas, Attorney Joseph C. Edwards Scholarship

Jonathan Joaquin, Samuel & Ruth Feldstein Memorial Scholarship

Jonathan Joaquin, Attorney Joseph C. Edwards Scholarship

Keith Joyce, Louis A. Gigliotti Memorial Scholarship

Keith Joyce, Dr. John & Audrey Dimitry Scholarship

Zachary Lacroix, NECC Alumni Association Scholarship

Zachary Lacroix, Agnes & Francis J. Bevilacqua Memorial Scholarship

Chris Lombardo, Greater Merrimack Valley Human Resources Association Scholarship

Chris Lombardo, Sherman J. Morrison Memorial Scholarship

Victoria Macmillan, NECC Presidential Scholar Award

Joseph Meli, Raney Family Memorial Scholarship

Olivia Moses, Follett Bookstore Gift Cards

Olivia Moses, NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

Gentjana Murati, Follett Bookstore Gift Cards

Gentjana Murati, NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

Gentjana Murati, Judy Savino Memorial Scholarship

Jenna Naylor, Rotary Club of Haverhill Scholarship

Ifeoma Ogbodo, NECC PACE Program Transfer Scholarship

Alina Page, NECC Presidential Scholar Award

Christian Perez, Professor Robert A. Paul Memorial Scholarship

Sara Ramirez, National Grid Scholarship

Shaina Richards, Haverhill Community Media Transfer Scholarship

Alize Ruiz, Attorney Joseph C. Edwards Scholarship

Alize Ruiz, LeBlanc Family Scholarship

Milquely Santana, NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

Angela Scarpa, Follett Bookstore Gift Cards

Angela Scarpa, NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

Matthew Sibley, NECC PACE Program Transfer Scholarship

Emi Sisco, Women of NECC Scholarship

Panagiota Souliotis, Tallman Ophthalmic Scholarship

Alyssa Torres, Deborah Pifer Memorial Scholarship

Kimberly Whiting, Haverhill Community Media Transfer Scholarship

Patrick Wholley, NECC PACE Program Transfer Scholarship

Autumn Wilkins, Santander Scholarship


Jennifer Casey, NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

Jennifer Soberon, Women of NECC Scholarship

Leandra Torres, NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

Leandra Torres, Follett Bookstore Gift Cards