Police Charge Dominican Man with Cocaine Trafficking

A traffic stop Wednesday by a Massachusetts State Police trooper in Andover led to seizure of 800 grams of cocaine and the arrest of a Dominican national who allegedly overstayed on a visa and, during which, obtained an illegal identity.

Francis Yermin Mejia-Gonzalez, 36, alias Marvin Perez-Varela, was arrested following an investigation stemming from a traffic violation stop in Andover at 1:20 p.m. In addition to several motor vehicle violations, he was charged with cocaine trafficking and giving a false name to police, according to a statement released Thursday. Trooper Brendan Cain of the Community Action Team out of Andover barracks stopped the van after observing several, unspecified motor vehicle violations.

“While speaking to the driver, who was initially identified as Marvin Perez-Varela, Trooper Cain made certain observations that furthered his suspicion. Trooper Cain’s follow-up investigation revealed over 160-bags of cocaine weighing approximately 800 grams and more than $35,000,” a State Police spokesperson said.

During booking, fingerprint results concluded that Perez-Varela was actually Mejia-Gonzalez. According to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) report, he entered the United States on a visa, but overstayed.

“During his stay in the U.S, Mejia-Gonzalez fraudulently obtained a Massachusetts driver’s license,” the spokesperson added.

The case remains under investigation in cooperation with ICE, which has placed an immigration detainer on Mejia-Gonzalez. Further details were not released.