No Serious Injuries in Truck Rollover Accident

No serious injuries were reported when this truck rolled over at a construction site at the corner of Observatory Avenue and Washington Street. (Photograph courtesy of Robert Fraize.)

A shifted center of gravity is believed to have contributed to rollover accident in Haverhill this week, involving a tractor truck and dump trailer load of gravel, at an Observatory Avenue property.

No injuries were reported in the accident, which happened Monday, at 12:17 p.m., in a lot with a steep grade at the intersection of Observatory Avenue and Washington Street, according to a Haverhill police accident report obtained by WHAV. A 71-year old Manchester, N.H. man, operator of the truck and dump trailer belonging to Nixon Demolition, Auburn, N.H., had backed the vehicle onto the property to dump gravel and, in the dump process, the truck and trailer tipped onto its left side.

“In addition to the unlevel surface the operator stated that the material didn’t slide out fast enough as his dump body raised up. That amount of weight, coupled with the grade, shifted the center of gravity on the truck itself. The vehicle tipped over on its left side,” wrote Haverhill Police Officer James B. Keenan. A portion of the report narrative was blacked out by the police department.

No charges were filed, according to the report. The operator declined medical attention.