Absent Scully, Hispanic Coalition Still Plans to Discuss Schools Tonight

Katrina Hobbs Everett, CEO of Power of Self Education (POSE), one of the organizers of tonight’s planned parents’ meeting.

Poster advertising parents meeting.

Poster advertising parents meeting.

Members of Haverhill Hispanic Coalition plan to meet tonight despite Haverhill School Superintendent James F. Scully declining to appear.

Coalition members said Scully has misinterpreted their motives and also lashed out at the school leader for not communicating to parents in Spanish.

“As far as I am aware of nothing has changed. We will still be there, hopefully Mr. Scully will too,” said Katrina Hobbs Everett, CEO of Power of Self Education (POSE), one of the organizers. Noting the letter Scully sent to parents was written in English, Everett added, “…this letter that was sent out to our Hispanic/Latino community was not even sent in Spanish, thus further highlighting the lack of cultural competence on Mr. Scully’s behalf and on the district’s. It is embarrassing.” A WHAV reader has since noted (see below) a Spanish language version of the letter appears at http://www.haverhill-ps.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Final-Version-Parent-Letter-Spanish-Version.pdf?1d6ef1.

Scully said Tuesday he backed out of addressing the conference when he learned the group planned to advocate for fired District Supervisor of English Learner Education Graciela Trilla.

“I was informed by several members of the Hispanic community that the meeting scheduled for this Wednesday evening would be dominated by those advocating for a former employee,” Scully wrote today in a letter to parents. “On advice of legal counsel for the Haverhill Public Schools I have been instructed that I should not participate in discussion, which will primarily focus on personnel matters within the school department.”

Coalition members disputed the purpose of the meeting is to focus on Trilla’s removal.

“This is not a Latino issue and it no longer is a Dr. Trilla. It is an issue that affects minorities and the access to equitable access to education. We are here looking out for the best interest of our children and will not let our guard down until these issues are addressed by you and your administration,” coalition members wrote in a letter to Scully, Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini, school committee members and city councilors.

The letter further explained, “While your personnel decisions continue to impact our community unfavorably, the issues that parents are ready to bring forward involve direct day to day problems they are having with transportation, communication with building and district offices, access to their neighborhood schools, overcrowding, busing away from their neighborhood, ongoing problems with Special Education services and general concerns affecting families and children in Haverhill,”

The meeting takes place tonight, 6:30, in City Hall, room 301. The group will provide rides to those who call 978-208-3253 or email [email protected].

In a related matter, Trilla confirmed to WHAV she sent an email by mistake to a former faculty member, who later objected to being asked to speak at tonight’s meeting. Trilla said the email was intended for Everett. Upon discovery of the mistake, Trilla said she sent an apology and “words of contrition” to the unintended recipient of the email.

21 thoughts on “Absent Scully, Hispanic Coalition Still Plans to Discuss Schools Tonight

  1. I’d like to join in that meeting please. Andy is a good guy would wants to improve the city and all Jack talks about is liberalism and how Andy has a racist agenda…. Good for you on reaching out to him, Andy, but I’m sure he won’t accept. He seems to be a “behind the computer tough guy”

    • Andy, I will pass thank you. Your agenda from day one when you took office was to make Haverhill the new Lawrence. Was it not you that called RUMBO? Be honest Andy it’s not a secret that you did. This is a strategic choice to start a race war to help your friends on school committee who dontt have a good reason to oppose Scully to hide behind this “issue” out of the blue.

      • Interesting observation Jack. Obviously you are not the only one who noticed some of this stuff. If people read some of the original comments on this story, one person spelled it out pretty clearly as to what the agenda is. I just do not understand why it is so hard to understand.

  2. This is all a red herring to try and get Mr.Scully out of Haverhill. The effort will fail. No one is fooled by Katrina and Andy Vargas who is working behind the scenes on this. Katrina, your racist agenda was overwhelmingly voted down by the citizens of Haverhill when they refused to vote for it, we are all looking forward to you running again so we can send you another message! And Andy, you may be trying to hide behind the scenes on this but we see you. Haverhill knows what you are now, your message is coming next year.

    • Just so your’re clear. I believe (All on my own) Mr. Scully isn’t doing a good job. I come to this conclusion from my own personal dealing last year and word of mouth from parents dealing with similar issues. Examples schools run with out nurses or trained first aid/cpr, One principal for five schools and no lead teacher either, Using schools that should be shut down and sending children out of there own neighborhood school to make way for children that are bussed across town to the school your children should be attending, promoting people that are clearly not the best candidate for the job because they are connected to Mr Scully. It’s not one sub group that are dissatisfied. Talk to the parents and you’ll have a clue. Seriously the list could go on. We need new leadership someone that will listen and be proactive to the needs of all!

    • Jack, Andy isn’t hiding at all. His whole agenda is out in the open for all to see for anyone who bothers to look.
      So much so, that all you have to do is spend a few minutes on Familysearch.org to find out where he’s “really coming from”.
      Right, Acorn Andy????

        • Jack here, Andy in doing some research I noticed on your campaign finance reports on the City of Haverhill website that most of the money you raised to get elected in Haverhill, Massachusetts came from New York and Florida. I wonder how many of the names are real, second, if they are, how many are actual citizens of the United States? This may be worth a call to the Office of Campaign and Political finance. The people who have the most money have no stake in Haverhill. How’s much of the money you raised is legitimate? Things that make you go hmmm hmmm hmmm.

        • Andy, last week at a public meeting you assisted a woman (by translating her comments from Spanish to English) who is clearly not a citizen of this country. You helped someone who is most likely here illegally, and therefore a criminal trespasser, in exercising her First Amendment rights of free speech to which as a non-citizen she is not entitled to.

          This week a taxpaying citizen of Haverhill, and this country, has had a very public incident of having his First Amendment rights of free speech taken away by officials of the City of Haverhill because of the silliness of the size of campaign signs he has on his property. Unless I missed it, you have not done or said anything to protect the rights of this homeowner.

          Is your silence your official position? You’ll help an illegal criminal trespasser to rights that person is not entitled to, but do absolutely nothing to help a taxpaying citizen of this country exercise those very same constitutional rights? Please save me the “he’s not adhering to the ordinances of the city” line.

          What do you intend to do about this???

  3. Kat is correct it does not show the Spanish alternative in the email that was sent out.
    Honestly, the whole letter was bizarre. I am surprised that the Haverhill residents are allowing the superintendent to skirt his duty’s. I really hope the city does not renew his contract.

  4. Who exactly are the people that are complaining that communication from Supt Scully is not done in Spanish? It would be impossible for a Hispanic adult to be born and raised in this country without mastering English language skills. It is a mandatory requirement of people becoming citizens in the US to speak English, and they must pass a test to do so.

    At a recent city council meeting a Hispanic adult was assisted in translating her comments, from Spanish to English, about the firing of Trilla. The only conclusion that can be made is that person is NOT a citizen of this country. Is it safe to say the people complaining about this “Spanish” communication issue are also not citizens of this country?? If they are English speaking citizens then why the need to be communicated with in Spanish? Common sense dictates that not being a citizen of this country means that person has NO right to demand anything of public officials regarding any matter.

    “Embarrassing” Ms. Hobbs Everett? A public official not giving into a group of people who are essentially illegal criminal trespassers in this country is embarrassing to you? Here you are AGAIN advocating for a racial special interest group proving to be a negative influence on this community. You have a lot of nerve to accuse someone else of cultural incompetence while it is your liberal victimization mindset and actions that has set all the fraudulent victims you advocate for back in the first place.

      • You’re right Jenn, I don’t know. But that is irrelevant. The bottom line is these people have made the personal choice to put themselves in a situation which requires certain skills, and they don’t have them. Instead of taking personal responsibility to acquire and master the skills necessary to function in this community they are instead claiming to be victims of the most competent and exceptional Superintendent of Schools this city has ever had. That’s wrong for a number of reasons.

  5. Its a very strange situation. It appears that Mr. Scully did in fact abide by the request and made an Hispanic Translation available to all. Mr. Scully serves our city extremely well and should be applauded for his excellent efforts. The following courses would be beneficial to our citizens : Spanish as a second language, English as a second language. Tutors available to teach Spanish to English speaking citizens,
    Tutors to teach English to Spanish speaking individuals, as well as translators for each group. This could be sponsored by the City Departments as well as the School department. There are several computer programs that offer translations, in writing , that will translate the written matters. It is extremely important that every group in our city be encouraged to keep their culture and it is also that. all newcomers be encourage to learn our national language, English, as soon as possible. There are many venues available to learn the different language and cultures such as Community Action and NECC. WE certainly do not want any child left by the wayside. The issues presented have solutions that should be addressed and solved.

    Joe Edwards

    • Mr. Edwards, some people do not want a solution. Some people want to create strife so they can forward an agenda that puts themselves in a position of power. They tear down those they do not like using false and misleading issues so as to push themselves up the power ladder. This is nothing new. Just look at how the Mayor has done it. See: Dave Hall and Mike Young. Question his motives and he takes you out. The old political playbook just has a new cover.

    • Actually Mac, The letter that was sent to parents (including me) looked like this (image link shared below) Note: no Spanish translation offered at all: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B07LhxM7YKOXeXJXa1VZdUJWRG8/view?usp=sharing

      I’d also point out that the when I received the email I went to the website and it was not listed there, it has since been added to the website (Unlike Mr. Scully’s contract- which I called and requested and send a email request for in writing yesterday, but have not received yet) which is great, however I would like to point out that the instructions “View Spanish version here” are also only in English.

      • Kat….Are you in this country legally? Are you a citizen?
        How is it you haven’t mastered the English language? You’ve been commenting about this issue from the beginning as if you are somehow a “victim” of malicious actions by Supt Scully. Why not take responsibility for yourself and become competent in ENGLISH???

      • I think it may be a good time to learn English – since THAT is the primary language of the United States and always will be.

        Strange that many can find this letter and its Spanish version as well – but somehow, those with an agenda can’t.