Police Capture Man Linked to Puerto Rico Murder in Haverhill

U.S. Marshal John Gibbons.

U.S. Marshal John Gibbons.

A man wanted in connection with a July murder in Puerto Rico was apprehended in Haverhill this morning by U.S. Marshals, along with Haverhill and state police.

Members of the U. S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force, Haverhill police and Massachusetts State Police Violent Fugitive Apprehension Section arrested Luis Rosario-Ramirez, 20, address not listed, on Primrose Street, Haverhill, according to a statement late this morning. Rosario-Ramirez was wanted for a July 23 murder in Caguas, Puerto Rico. Investigators in Puerto Rico and Massachusetts were eventually able to track Rosario-Ramirez to an apartment in Haverhill where he was living with a girlfriend. He was charged by Haverhill Police as a fugitive from justice and will be subject to extradition to Puerto Rico.

“Today, I want to commend the deputies of the U.S. Marshals Service and the officers of the Haverhill Police Department and the Massachusetts State Police for their steadfast commitment to promptly arresting Rosario-Ramirez who fled to our Commonwealth after being accused of a homicide in Puerto Rico. It is our hope that this important capture will bring a resolution to this case and bring some level of comfort to the family of the deceased victim” said U.S. Marshal John Gibbons, district of Massachusetts.

Rosario-Ramirez allegedly kidnapped, then shot and killed Angel Carlos-Diaz, age not listed.  The victim was also beaten with a baseball bat. The body, according to authorities, was then discarded in a secondary location in the municipality of Dorado, Puerto Rico.

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    • This is not a race issue, which you seem to not understand. This is a world wide issue of humans not being compassionate towards one another. I will agree with you that this person does deserve what he is handed. No man should take anothers life unless their own is in danger. We as a society allow this to happen. War is a profitable business for the Government, corrupt politicians getting away with crimes that would land us in jail, hate is everywhere. People care more about the Kardashians life than standing up for what is right.

      To blame this on a certain race though is incorrect, every race has a bad seed in it. White/Caucasians: KKK, Hanged blacks/owned slaves/mass shootings (Manson’s cult cut a baby out of a woman’s stomach!) Does that mean I am a representative of them? No, because I am an individual, just like you are, but they threaten our lives just the same.

      • The race card has been played….by you! I didn’t mention race. Politicians ARE a nasty group, all about feathering their own nest, but let’s not forget that no one should be required to look over their shoulder to see if anyone is following too close… or has a hankering to shoot, stab, do something nasty to us. We have enough of those people here already and no one knows what to do with these people so why should we cause ourselves more trouble. .

        Incidentally, I do NOT and have never watched the Kardashians AT ALL so wouldn’t know anything about what they are doing, nor do I care. Sounds as though you know all about them.

        • You didn’t need to, you already implied it. Seems my civil discussion is not getting through to you, which resulting in exactly what I said the human race needs to get out of, attacks. I never implied you directly watched the Kardashians, that wasn’t the point. I meant as a society, people are more concerned with what celebrities do than their own Government. You are correct and I do agree, we shouldn’t have to watch over our backs, but again, this is what society created. You truly think a wall is going to work? You don’t think tunnels won’t be built, come in from Canada, smuggled in trucks?

          Take care,

    • You do realize that Puerto Rico is a U.S. Territory, right? That is the equivalent of walling off Hawaii. Furthermore, that “wall” was going to be put up to between U.S. and MEXICO.

      Should the Native Americans have built a wall when we came over to colonize after we rape, killed, pillaged and took their land?

      Keep going with that “make America great again” it’s exactly what this country needs. Considering that America was founded on immigration, and is, and always was a “melting pot” Country.

      Not that it matters, but incase you respond that i must be a bleeding heart liberal. I am a white male that is neither Republican or Democrat. I wouldn’t vote for either of those nuts.