Haverhill Firefighter Receives Injury in Monday Night Blaze

Fires at three Haverhill homes over the holiday weekend, including a two-alarm blaze Monday night, left at least one firefighter with a minor injury and one resident evaluated at an area hospital for possible smoke inhalation.

The cause of a two-alarm blaze, which broke out Monday at about 9 p.m., in the rear of a home at 36 Auburn St., remains under investigation Tuesday, according to Haverhill Fire Chief William F. Laliberty. He told WHAV one firefighter received minor injury as crews contained the fire.

“Two alarms were called because the fire had a significant hold of the building,”Laliberty said. An unidentified resident was taken to an area hospital for possible smoke inhalation. Mutual aid was provided by fire crews from Methuen, Groveland, Georgetown, Lawrence and Salem, N.H.  The fire caused an estimated $25,000 in damage to the dwelling’s rear exterior.

Sunday, no injuries were reported during a single-alarm basement fire, at about 1:54 p.m., at 47 Acorn St. While it was believed to be electrical in nature, the cause is still under investigation, Laliberty added. The fire was contained within the basement and caused an estimated $10,000 in damage to the wiring system.

Earlier Sunday, at about 8:27 a.m., another single alarm fire, in the second floor of a three-strory dwelling at 18 Lafayette St., may have been caused by careless disposal of smoking materials, Laliberty said. Minor damage, at an estimated $200, was reported to window sill in a second floor apartment. No injuries reported from that fire.

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      • Charles, go easy on Jack, it takes just as much courage typing angry, half conceived rhetoric, anonymously on low traffic local news sites as running into a burning building! Poor Jack just wants the world to know that the itty-bitty tiny fraction of his (maybe) tax dollars that go towards firefighting are not spent to his liking.

        • I don’t agree with everything that is said on here, but at least other commenters don’t insult the host of a superb Haverhill news site. Sounds like August is a shill for that other Haverhill group that has been promising Haverhill news for more than five years, but hasn’t written a single story yet.