Haverhill Firefighter Resigns Following Two Suspensions

Haverhill Firefighter Daniel Goudreault, suspended by the city following two separate domestic incidents at his North Andover home, has resigned.

Goudreault, 53, resigned Aug. 3, the day after serving two different suspensions imposed by Fire Chief William F. Laliberty, according to David S. Van Dam, chief of staff to Mayor James J. Fiorentini.

“He resigned and is no longer on our payroll,” Van Dam told WHAV.

Goudreault was arrested June 30 for allegedly assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest and again July 25 for charges of assaulting a household member, threatening to kill a police officer and other charges.

Following an investigation, Goudreault was suspended July 24 for five days without pay while a formal hearing was being scheduled. However, after his second arrest, Laliberty added another five-day suspension, Van Dam said. He explained the suspensions are each equivalent to 40 hours of work.

At the conclusion of the two suspensions, the city received a single paragraph letter indicating Goudreault wished to resign. It was not addressed to anyone specifically, Van Dam added. No hearings took place.

“Our firefighters are top notch…At the end of the day, our firefighters and hard working. Once in a while something happens, but that shouldn’t be a reflection on the rest of the force,” Van Dam told WHAV.

5 thoughts on “Haverhill Firefighter Resigns Following Two Suspensions

  1. David Van Dam…save the “our fire fighters are top notch” speech for people who aren’t paying attention to the corruption and outright thievery that “is” the HFD. Do you think people have forgotten the numerous scandals out of the HFD in just the past few years? Don’t think for a second that you’re selling anyone on the idea that the Culture of Corruption isn’t alive and well in the HFD. With the appointment of Chief William Laliberty, who was one of 30 HFD fire fighters who conspired to steal over $55,000 from the taxpayers of Haverhill, the culture continues. The mayor appoints a Felon who intentionally and knowingly worked with other fire fighters to steal from city taxpayers and you want us to believe the department is “top notch”? That’s funny….

    David Van Dam….why not come clean with Haverhill citizens about the fact that the 29 fire fighters who were supposed to make reparations to the city after they were caught committing a FELONY have not done anything they were suppose to? 29 city employees each commit felony theft and nothing happens to them…..yet another example of the lack leadership from the incompetent hack mayor.