Registry of Motor Vehicles Closer to Leaving Haverhill City Hall

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The Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s (MassDOT) Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) division is seeking to relocate its longtime Haverhill branch out from the basement at Haverhill City Hall.

The RMV issued a request for proposals (RFP) “to find a new space to relocate the existing Haverhill branch,” MassDOT Deputy Communications Director Ryan Grannan-Doll told WHAV. The RFP, posted last month by the Commonwealth’s Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM), seeks a 10-year lease of 4,600 square feet of “usable, retail/customer service” space in Haverhill, for occupancy in September, or as soon as possible thereafter,” according to documents. The new branch would operate weekdays, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., excluding holidays. It would also expand or restore services previously offered in Haverhill, such as administering drivers’ license road tests, conducting hearings or providing title certificates.

“The RMV appreciates its longstanding partnership with Mayor (James J.) Fiorentini that provides Registry services at Haverhill City Hall. We recognize the importance of keeping a service center in Haverhill that serves residents and our commercial business customers,” Grannan-Doll said. “As part of the effort to improve service delivery, the RMV is exploring available space opportunities that may better meet the needs of our customers and will work with appropriate state agencies to review any lease proposals received to determine if there is a viable opportunity to improve our customer experience.”

RMV also seeks parking accommodations for an “estimated demand of 150 spaces,” including 60 “on the site of the proposed building, with other spaces within one-tenth mile of the proposed building.” Six parking spaces, accessible for the disabled are also sought “as close as possible to an accessible entrance to the proposed building.” Sources have suggested the new Harbor Place project downtown, with nearby parking leased from the city at the Herbert H. Goecke Memorial Parking Deck, as a potential site.

The deadline for RPF submission by prospective “landlords” was last Wednesday, Aug. 10. A review process, by DCAMM’s Office of Leasing and State Office Planning (OLSOP), would include site visits conducted with RMV officials and “proposers,” prior to written notification of a “conditional selection.” From that point, the parties would “work together to finalize the lease.”

WHAV has reached out to OLSOP Senior Project Manager Virginia Platt, for further comment regarding prospective RFP bidders and its selection. Calls were also placed seeking comment from the Greater Haverhill Foundation, co-developer of Harbor Place.

6 thoughts on “Registry of Motor Vehicles Closer to Leaving Haverhill City Hall

  1. It does not belong downtown but does belong near a highway exit. Riversedge is not where it should go as its too far off the highway. The Haverhill office serves many towns.

  2. I think the old Building 19 on Lincoln Ave should be considered. It has a lot of parking and there is a lot of space in the building. the buses all ready go to Lincoln Ave.

  3. Is that Lowes building still open ? Plenty of room there ! Sadly, the pot store isn’t there yet or people could have killed two birds with one stone !

  4. There is alot of available space in the ward hill industrial park. Plus they all have parking,,the city buses go to and from there, in case someone didn’t have transportation. Also , it is right off the highway.