Haverhill Warns of IRS Scammers Posing as Deputy Sheriffs

Operations of the city’s Emergency Management Department are directed by Haverhill Police Chief Alan R. DeNaro.

Emergency management officials in Haverhill are alerting local residents and others across Essex County about alleged telephone scammers “posing as a deputy sheriff with an arrest warrant.”

Scam artists have “spoofed the Essex County Corrections (department) phone number” with caller ID showing “Essex County Sheriff’s Office,” according to an statement Tuesday by City of Haverhill Emergency Management officials. A “fake” deputy instructs the victim to call a number in the 516 area code “to discuss the matter with an IRS agent.”

“The fake IRS agent then reads a list of charges levied by the IRS, then asks if you want to take care of this matter,” a spokesperson said. “This is a total scam preying on the fears of American citizens and leveraging technology to appear legit.”

The city’s Emergency Management Department maintains an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to manage large-scale emergencies and disasters affecting the city. EOC is under the command and authority of Mayor James J. Fiorentini, and operations are directed by Haverhill Police Chief Alan R. DeNaro. Officer Paul Malone is tasked with the management of the EOC during activations and with preparedness when EOC is not activated.

“The EOC is activated in the event of a major city-wide incident, such as a hurricane, terrorist attack, flood, pandemic, or any other large-scale incident that requires the direct and immediate cooperation of all city departments along with outside resources,” a statement reads.