First Ramp of New Methuen I-93 Rotary Opens Saturday

Earlier construction at the Methuen Rotary site along I-93.

The first new ramp of the reconstructed $56 million Methuen Rotary opens tomorrow, Saturday, July 30. Officials call the opening “the first of a series of milestones anticipated for the project.”

Opening of the new onramp is the first of several “significant traffic flow modifications” to be completed as Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s contractor, ET&L Corp., begins work on the third phase of the project.

“As part of stage 3A, crews will replace the existing rotary with a new route 110/113 and begin demolition of the existing rotary bridges. Noise barrier construction and associated landscaping will also be completed by the end of July,” officials said. The project is schedule to be completed during spring, 2018.

The new I-93 northbound onramp is located approximately 400 feet east of the current ramp. Those coming from the east enter the new on-ramp there, while those traveling from the west exit the rotary and travel 400 feet to new signalized intersection before turning left to new on-ramp, state highway officials said. A new signal will be installed to allow traffic from the west on routes 110/113 to safely turn left to the on-ramp.

Temporary signs will be added along routes 110 and 113 east and west of the interchange to alert drivers to the new on-ramp.

One thought on “First Ramp of New Methuen I-93 Rotary Opens Saturday

  1. The Merrimack Valley’s edition of the Big Dig. Thank God these government officials and crews weren’t around when we put in the interstate highway system…..they would STILL be putting cones down.