In Separate Cases, City Fires Firefighter, Two More Face Discipline

As two Haverhill firefighters remain on paid leave pending possible disciplinary actions, the city has confirmed it fired another firefighter last November after investigation of an undisclosed matter.

Longtime firefighter Scott Graham was terminated, effective last Nov. 30, Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini told WHAV. The mayor said privacy laws prevent him from discussing the details of personnel matters. Sources, however, told WHAV Graham’s firing relates to an October, 2015, domestic incident that required intervention by Haverhill police. Graham was hired as a firefighter 16 years ago.

“I started (as fire chief) only three weeks ago. I don’t have any firsthand knowledge of anything,” said Fire Chief William F. Laliberty.

Meanwhile, both firefighters Todd P. Guertin and Daniel Goudreault are on paid leave pending separate investigations, according to David S. Van Dam, Fiorentini’s chief of staff.

Goudreault, of North Andover, was arrested earlier this month at his North Andover home for allegedly assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest. Goudreault was placed on paid administrative leave and is facing an internal affairs investigation, Van Dam said.

Guertin had been on paid administrative leave, but is now on personal leave, using accrued personal time, said Van Dam. While officials said they are prevented from discussing personnel matters, Guertin was arrested at 2:39 p.m., June 17, on a warrant related to assault on a family or household member. A day earlier, police responded to a report of a suspicious person at Guertin’s Brockton Street home.

Laliberty said both cases are being investigated. “Displinary action will be taken, if appropriate, depending on the outcome of the process,” he said.

WHAV has placed calls to Haverhill Firefighters Local 1011 for comments. A call to Guertin, former union secretary, was unanswered and his voice mailbox was full.

2 thoughts on “In Separate Cases, City Fires Firefighter, Two More Face Discipline

  1. In a separate WHAV article today about Bob Scatamacchia and a union dispute he is having with Haverhill Public schools, a union representative indicated there are “capital offenses” for which union employees can be terminated immediately. One of those offenses includes committing a felony crime.

    Haverhill Fire Chief William Laliberty committed a felony when he conspired with 29 other HFD employees to steal over $55,000 from Haverhill taxpayers. What happened to Laliberty? Not only did he keep his job with no penalties and consequences, the incompetent, corrupt mayor gave him a promotion!!! And now here he is with “no firsthand knowledge of anything”. Like that wasn’t predictable!! Get use to it….the culture of corruption continues in the HFD and in the corner office in city hall.