Drop in Enrollment Brings Fee Increases to Northern Essex

Ourania Behrakis Student Center at the Haverhill campus of Northern Essex Community College. (Courtesy photograph.)

Student Center at Northern Essex Community College.

Student fees are increasing at Northern Essex Community College as the school expects to follow a national trend in declining enrollment.

College trustees in June approved fee increases of $9 per credit hour on non-health credit courses, bringing fees to $168 a credit; $50 for applied music, affecting students taking courses requiring private music lessons and bringing the total to $300 per course; and $9 per credit hour increase in Allied Health courses for a total of $248 per credit.

“We’ve done a lot to close the budget gap,” said President Lane A. Glenn. “But what we’ve done doesn’t sufficiently cover the gap as well as collective bargaining costs, public safety and facilities updates, and other expenses.”

Fee increases came as trustees voted unanimously to approve an operating budget of $45.9 million. The new budget assumes a 5 percent enrollment decline and related drop of approximately $1.25 million in income.

3 thoughts on “Drop in Enrollment Brings Fee Increases to Northern Essex

  1. In 2013 there was an extensive study by New England Center for Investigative Reporting about Massachusetts state university and college staffing in relation to enrollment. They found that that staffing at state universities had grown at a pace three times faster than enrollment. State universities in Massachusetts have become the new liberal hackarama where politicians can promote cronyism by appointing hacks to do nothing jobs and doing what they do best….sticking taxpayers those using services with the cost. Even in times of declining enrollment Massachusetts community colleges are increasing their staffing levels.

    Someone should ask Lane Glenn why he developed a program with community colleges in the Dominican Republic to allow non-US citizens to come to this country and take classes at NECC and have their credits from those DR colleges transferred to NECC. Why is he promoting DR citizens to come to this country to get educated and then take the jobs of Americans if US citizens themselves are not attending NECC????

    • That is an interesting question. Someone SHOULD ask him that question and dig a bit into that program AND if it coincides maybe with some state money ?? I wonder why just the Dominican Republic ? How about Puerto Rico ?

  2. “Student fees are increasing at Northern Essex Community College as the school expects to follow a national trend in declining enrollment.” –

    Maybe this is a sign pointing to The American People, especially here in Massachusetts, that states schools have been economically raping them?

    The ROI on a college degree has been in decline for decades, while the costs of such, thanks to unfettered and taxpayer backed student loans soars. While still better than no degree, the shift to a human-less workforce trends upwards, as well as outsourcing, off-shoring, or being replaced by a foreign national via H-1B Visa workers. Once again, The People continue to elect politicians who have legislated this paradigm which cause them harm,