Creative Staking for Gladiolus, Dahlias and Iris

Stately and beautiful describes flowering gladiolus, dahlias and iris. As long as they are upright and standing that is.  Give them a lift this season with creative staking.

Keep glads looking their best with a small piece of lattice and metal or wood supports.  Place the lattice parallel to the ground on short stakes anchored in the ground.  Paint the lattice for added color or to help blend the structure into the surrounding plantings.  Allow the glads to grow through the holes and wait for the flowers and visiting hummingbirds to appear.

Use bamboo stakes to help keep your dahlias and iris upright.  Carefully place the stake next to the plant making sure to avoid the underground tuberous roots and rhizomes. Loosely tie the plant to the stake using twine.  Make a figure eight looping the twine around the stake and the other loop around the plant stem.  Add additional ties as the plants grow.

A bit more information: And get creative!  Dig through undiscovered treasures in the garage, shed or basement.  You might find the perfect decorative support.  One gardener put an old slinky to work supporting some of her garden plants.

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