Residents May Now Vote on Harbor Place Time Capsule Items

A time capsule will be installed within the new Harbor Place development, downtown.

Haverhill residents are invited to choose up to five items, ranging from a “Free (Tom) Brady” t-shirt to a photograph of the mayor standing downtown, to be included in a Harbor Place time capsule.

The owners of Harbor Place and Team Haverhill, a non-profit civic organization, have joined for the Harbor Place Time Capsule Project. The dedication ceremony is set for next Wednesday, June 15, 11 a.m., in the Pentucket Bank community room, 35 Merrimack St. As WHAV previously reported, the time capsule is scheduled to be opened in 25 years.

Team Haverhill members met with elementary, middle and high school students to gather a list of suggested items to be placed in the time capsule. Besides resident suggestions, a “Message in a Bottle” from participating Haverhill schools will be placed in the time capsule. These include Tilton second graders in Kerri Alves class, sixth grade students in Maria Godfrey’s Hunking middle school class and Haverhill High School juniors in Jay Fiorentini’s History of Haverhill class.

Residents may cast ballots online at There is also a link at

Here is the list of items from which resident may make selections:

  • Free (Tom) Brady t-shirt
  • Business card from Haverhill’s oldest business
  • Current photograph of downtown Haverhill today, along with one from 100 years ago
  • Newspaper from the day of the dedication
  • Brick from the Woolworth building
  • A penny and a current $20 bill
  • DVD of the movie Joy (part of which was filmed in Haverhill)
  • 2016 Haverhill Hillies t-shirt
  • Photograph of the Blanding turtle (currently endangered)
  • Photograph of the old and new Hunking schools
  • Photograph of a hoverboard
  • Photograph of the Merrimack River
  • Copy of the book “I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban”
  • Class pictures of Kerri Alves’ Tilton 2nd grade class, Maria Godfrey’s Hunking sixth grade class and Jay Fiorentini’s History of Haverhill class
  • Matchbox car
  • Small American flag
  • Heartbeat of Haverhill 2016 calendar
  • Northern Essex Community College 2015 Annual Report
  • Northern Essex Community College Alumni Magazine
  • TV remote
  • Program from the 100th Annual Dinner of the Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce
  • Photograph of Mayor James J. Fiorentini standing with downtown Haverhill in the background
  • Photograph of Chairman Brian Dempsey, Ronald Trombley, Sally O’Rorke and Lisa Alberghini standing in front of Harbor Place
  • Receipt from Market Basket

2 thoughts on “Residents May Now Vote on Harbor Place Time Capsule Items

  1. Hey, Team Haverhill, how about a series of pictures of mayor taxman highlighting his history in office?!!
    In front of Harbor Place where his no bid contract to political cronies is costing taxpayers millions.
    In front of Hale Hospital where he burdened Haverhill taxpayers with $100MILLLION debt.
    In front of a Haverhill firehouse where he did nothing about 30 city employees stealing $54,000 from taxpayers.
    In front of the city parking garage where people have to pay a fee to park in a garage they already paid to build.
    In the path at Kenosa Lake where he clear cut trees ruining a beautiful resource for $11,000.
    On Computer Drive where he intentionally manipulated documents to locate a weed distribution facility.
    In front of the city owned vehicle he bought to ticket as many people as possible downtown.
    In the RT 110 rest area he kept closed for years and then took credit for opening when volunteers cleaned it up.
    In front of Hunking School where his mismanagement lead to the ruination of a building.
    In front of a dumpster reflecting his fraudulent trash program.
    In front of the DPW building highlighting the doubling of city fees.
    In front of any restaurant in the city highlighting his intrusive meals tax.
    In front of Southwick Corporation where he gave millions in tax breaks to a company already staying in Haverhill.
    In front of a downtown parking meter holding up his hands full of cash.
    In front of the 60 Merrimack Street building he proposed taking by eminent domain to sell at a profit to a developer.
    In the Ward Hill Industrial Park where he’s never been seen before.
    In front of the Lafayette Square business ignored by the DPW for months then cited for improper signage.
    In front of the National Grid solar facility holding an electric bill highlighting lying about savings in an electricity program.