Haverhill Republican Enters Second Race Against Tsongas

Roseann L. “Ann” Ehrhard Wofford.

A Haverhill woman’s second bid as a Republican candidate for the U.S House of Representatives, Third Congressional District of Massachusetts, has become official with certification of nomination papers by the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth’s office.

More than 2,800 signatures submitted from all the district’s 37 cities and towns, including Haverhill, by congressional candidate Roseann L. “Ann” Ehrhard Wofford (R-Haverhill), were certified, according to a statement earlier this week. Wofford, who ran unsuccessfully in 2014 against incumbent Congresswoman Niki Tsongas (D-Lowell), argues “wages are still stagnant, good jobs are hard to find and our nation’s debt has increased to more than $19 trillion.”

“If ‘we the people’ keep electing the same people, we will keep getting the same results,” Wofford said. “Our nation’s borders are still not secure, permitting illegal drugs and illegal immigrants to continue to enter our country unchecked. The Third District now has a sanctuary city (Lawrence). Health insurance costs continue to rise and government regulations continue to grow unchecked by Congress.”

Wofford was among speakers at last week’s meeting of the Haverhill Republican City Committee.

“I will work toward the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and replace it with common sense solutions such as selling health insurance across state lines and the fostering of Health Saving Accounts. I will work to reduce the number of government regulations that have a stranglehold on private sector growth. Any trade laws passed must benefit the American worker and go through Congress,” she added.

In the November, 2014 election, as WHAV reported, Wofford’s strongest placement was in her home city where she garnered 7,413 votes to Tsongas’ 10,583 votes.

3 thoughts on “Haverhill Republican Enters Second Race Against Tsongas

  1. Thank you Ms.Wofford for stepping up and running to defeat Niki Tsongas! I look so forward to the day the district voters wake up and send her home before she can do further damage than she has already done!

  2. Reasons to vote against Niki Tsongas:

    1. Voted for Bailouts – Wall Street got bailed out, The People lost their jobs & their homes.
    2. Voted for Frank-Dodd – Too Big To Fail Wall Street banks became bigger and wiped out smaller banks, and The Federal Reserve became more powerful.
    3. Voted for Obamacare – Tens of millions still not covered, economic destruction of the middle class, you can still go bankrupt from medical costs.
    4. Niki Tsongas and her staff in CONgress declare themselves a small business, making them eligible for Obamacare subsidies. One set of laws for them, another set for you.
    5. Votes for NDAA/Defense Authorization/Patriot Act – Less freedom, more spending, Niki LOVES war (so does The Third District defense contractors).
    6. Voted for Medicare expansion – Mathematical and fiscal disaster (Niki loves healthcare/pharma monopolies).
    7. Voted for taxpayer backing of student loans, no more private lending.
    9. Niki is FOR Illegal Invaders
    10. Niki is Anti-liberty/Anti-2A
    11. Niki is for outsourcing/replacing AMERICAN workers
    12. Niki loves corporate welfare and crony capitalism
    13. Niki loves more public debt/deficit financing

    If you like to be less free, become poorer, and be lied too, Niki is your establishment, crony capitalistic crony candidate. Just like establishment Republicans, Niki wants The American People to be enslaved and destitute – she VOTED FOR IT!

    Hope voters love the cake Niki serves, because with CONgress Members like her, you are certain to be eating more of it.