Appeals Court Awakens So-Called Right-To-Work in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

Workers Independent News is heard Monday through Friday at 8:45 and 11:45 a.m. and 5:45 p.m.

Workers Independent News is heard Monday through Friday at 8:45 and 11:45 a.m. and 5:45 p.m.

Wisconsin’s so-called Right-to-Work law is in effect again, after a state appeals court judge late Tuesday granted the attorney general’s request to reinstate the law until the appeal reaches the state supreme court.

In April, a circuit court found the law to violate a clause in the state constitution preventing the government from taking property from individuals or organizations without providing compensation. The circuit judge immediately suspended the law, which the appeals court described as overstepping its bounds, saying there was no indication that unions would suffer substantial harm if the law remained in effect during an appeal.

Although unions are required by federal law to represent all workers through actions such as collective bargaining, so-called Right-to-Work laws prevent them from being able to collect fair-share fees to help pay the costs of that activity. Wisconsin AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer Stephanie Bloomingdale released a statement saying the administration of Republican Gov. Scott Walker is “using every legal maneuver in the book to interfere with working peoples’ ability to come together and join together in unions for better workplaces.”

Workers Set Up Camp at McDonald’s HQ In Fight For $15 and a Union

Fast food workers across Chicago walked off their jobs Wednesday afternoon, kicking off two days of protest culminating with thousands of low-wage workers marching on McDonald’s annual shareholder meeting in Oak Brook, Illinois.

The workers are demanding $15 an hour and the right to unionize without retaliation. Strikers brought the lunchtime rush to a halt at the chain’s flagship Rock-and-Roll McDonald’s store.

“Just trying to get our message across.  Get the power and the people out so that we can all get together and let MacDonald’s and the shareholder’s know that we will know longer accept these wages and conditions that we work under…and we still got work to do,” said George McCray, a Chicago MacDonald’s worker.

Workers moved the protest to McDonald’s headquarters in Oak Brook Wednesday evening, planning an occupation and night-long encampment. Angel Mitchell has been working at McDonald’s on the Southeast side of Chicago for almost four years.

“We are bringing the problems that we have with the corporation and other corporations like it to their doorstep, so they can’t ignore us. When they come to their shareholder meeting, we will be there. If you don’t want to hear our message on media, then we’ll bring it to you,” Mitchell said.

Escalating Strikes in France Over Proposed Labor Law Change Spread To Refineries

Labor unrest in France over proposed work reforms is escalating.

In response to changes that would relax the 35-hour work week and other labor protections for French workers, unions and student organizations have united in a series of strikes that have hit targets ranging from public transportation and airports to schools and hospitals.

All eight of the country’s oil refineries have been shut down, causing gasoline shortages, and nuclear plant workers have threatened a walkout that could greatly reduce France’s domestic power output.

One thought on “Appeals Court Awakens So-Called Right-To-Work in Wisconsin

  1. “able to collect fair-share fees to help pay the costs of that activity.” I have to laugh because I wonder if this means donate millions to democratic political campaigns. Because that is what they have done for decades with the hard earned money of union workers.

    As far as the $15 an hour argument, good luck with that as fast food companies will now begin to automate. Be careful what you wish for. These jobs are not supposed to be your career. If they are, then look inward to yourself as failing in the skills competition. You are being lied to and have been for decades as well.

    Hardly anyone works a full week in France so why are they complaining ? Because they have become spoiled by getting all the great bennies and they now demand them as the norm ! Good luck with that too as your country is ont he brink of failure. Gotta love socialist policies