L’Italien Formally Kicks-off Re-election Campaign in Early June

Sen. Barbara L’Italien plans to formally kick-off her re-election campaign in early June. She represents Andover, Lawrence, Tewksbury and Dracut.

L’Italien recently submitted 597 certified nominating signatures to the secretary of state’s office and will appear on the Democratic primary ballot and Nov. 8 general election ballot. Republican Susan Laplante of Lawrence also recently turned in the required number of nominating signatures and will appear on the ballot to challenge Sen. L’Italien. Neither candidate has a challenger from within their own parties.

“It has been an incredible honor and pleasure to represent the communities of Andover, Lawrence, Tewksbury and Dracut,” L’Italien said. “And I am going to need the help of all my friends and supporters to make sure I can continue delivering for our communities and representing the issues and values that I believe are important.”

Some of those issues, L’Italien said, include supporting small businesses, increasing funding and resources for public schools and public safety, and protecting and advocating for vulnerable and under-served residents such as children and the elderly. She plans to officially kick off her re-election campaign Wednesday, June 8, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Chateau restaurant, Andover.

“I welcome the coming campaign as an opportunity to talk about my record representing each of the four communities in the district and what I have been able to accomplish in the past 18 months,” L’Italien said. “To me, this work is about building community by working together to improve quality of life for residents, being accessible and bringing resources to my cities and towns.”

In a statement, L’Italien highlighted some of her record. This includes delivering $235,000 for a media center study and baseball field upgrades at Andover High School, in addition to grants to help redevelop downtown Andover; $1 million for Lawrence to retain and hire new police officers and $360,000 shared by nine nonprofits in the city; saving jobs and treatment beds at Tewksbury State Hospital in addition to $90,000 for Tewksbury’s Fire Department to buy life-saving equipment; bringing a MassWorks grant to Dracut, including $960,000 for a 78-bed assisted living facility and medical office to assist with local economic development efforts; opening and staffing a district office in Lawrence City Hall on a daily basis; and helping to deliver $6.3 million for services for adults with autism and an additional $2.1 million for local Councils on Aging for elders programming in the 2016 state budget.

Most recently, L’Italien fought to beat back Kinder Morgan’s proposal to build a natural gas pipeline through parts of Dracut, Tewksbury and Andover. The Texas-based energy announced this week that it has officially killed the pipeline proposal.

“Many people fear Kinder Morgan or another energy company could return with another pipeline proposal, so this is an issue we must keep an eye on and remain vigilant,” L’Italien said.

She previously served five, two-year terms representing the 18th Essex House District until 2010, when she was defeated by Republican Jim Lyons. She was elected to the senate in 2014, replacing Barry Finegold, who gave up the seat to run for state treasurer.

2 thoughts on “L’Italien Formally Kicks-off Re-election Campaign in Early June

  1. She has been a crook for years and is just welcomed back by the thugs on Beacon Hill. Unfortunately – the voters are stupid enough to vote her in again – you simply can’t underestimate the stupidity in putting the woman in office.

  2. “make sure I can continue delivering for our communities and representing the issues and values that I believe are important.” –

    Sure she is.

    Looking at OCPF data, she’s as crony as they come, but we already knew that when she was bounced as a State Rep and was handed a job at Treasury. Over her years, she has amassed over $630K in political campaign contributions, not too shabby. The usual players of course, like her friends from The Suffolk Group, a who’s-who of Beacon Hill lobbying.

    Her voting record of course is priceless, I especially liked her championing $5K Committee Chair raises for Beacon Hill cronies when she was a State Rep. I mean, who cares when it’s not your money right?

    Of particular note, she has a nice donation from health care insurer Massachusetts United Health’s Bernadette Di Re. You know, one of those insurers that has massively profited from Obamacare, while at the same time impoverishing middle-class families, or anyone that actually has to pay for their own health care & insurance? Just for perspective, since the passage of Obamacare, which our own Rep. Niki Tsongas voted for but didn’t read, United Health has has a 545% return rate. That is not a misprint, while these insurers are crying about going broke, returns on their stock have blown away S&P 500 companies by a wide margin (see below). As part of those returns, executives, officers, and directors have looted the company for HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS according to their SEC Form-4 filings since Obamacare passage. Guess who paid for that? That’s right, YOU DID, and anyone else that has to pay for worse healthcare, higher premiums and co-insurance, and higher deductibles. So just so everyone is clear, as double-digit increase continue on your healthcare plans, do not be calling or looking for help from either L’Italien or Niki Tsongas, they’re both part of the problem in this country and this state.

    Please don’t fall for the Kinder Morgan pipeline propaganda either. They have massive debt issues coming up over the next few years and cut their dividends in half to shareholders. Don’t rely to much on the mainstream press, as they lie by omission, sell out to advertisers and politicians for access, or are too dumb to understand what they’re actually reporting on.

    There is good news though. Much like the other crony, Brian Dempsey, L’Italien is also a recipient of campaign cash from alcohol distributors. Why? There’s a Bill snaking through (maybe already passed) to increase liquor licenses in The Commonwealth. So maybe if you’re on the verge of bankruptcy due to skyrocketing healthcare costs, you will at least have more places to drink your sorrows away.

    The other good news? She paid her taxes! All $7617.58 from her 9/22/2014 tax lien slapped on her. A time when she was criticizing her opponent back then for doing the same thing!

    Hopefully voters will educate themselves, at least the few of us who actually vote. If you’re middle class, do ok but not wealthy, and If you want to vote for your own economic destruction, vote for L’Italien.