Haverhill Declines to Give Newburyport Fire Chief City Post

Newburyport Fire Chief Christopher J. LeClaire said he completed a lengthy interview process to become Haverhill’s next fire chief, but ultimately was not offered the job.

LeClaire became fire chief in Newburyport in 2013 after retiring from the position of Portsmouth, N.H., fire chief. He told WHAV this morning he first sought the vacant Haverhill position back in January when the job was first advertised by the city.

“I met with everyone, went through the whole process. The process ended a month ago and I haven’t received any offer of a job, LeClaire said. He became Portsmouth’s fire chief in 1999 and previously served as deputy fire chief in North Hampton, N.H., and a special police officer in Hampton, N.H., according to his LinkedIn profile online.

The fire chief’s position became vacant a year ago when Fire Chief Richard B. Borden, 56, died suddenly. The position has been filled on an interim basis since last June by John E. Parow.

LeClaire denied reports that a sticking point during negotiations was whether the new chief would work from city hall or the Water Street fire headquarters. “There was never any conversation” along those lines, he said.

According to advertising, the job is “a non-civil service position and will serve as the chief administrative and supervisory director in the operation of the fire department, in the protection of life and property and in the prevention and suppression of fires within the community.” The successful candidate will receive a three-year contract at a proposed salary between $94,017 and $135,000.

Parow served 16 years as Chelmsford’s fire chief and most recently served as interim chief in Ipswich.

An attempt to reach Mayor James J. Fiorentini was not successful before deadline.

4 thoughts on “Haverhill Declines to Give Newburyport Fire Chief City Post

  1. He must have been a republican. Lol The Mayor is the biggest political hack there is. LeClair probably wouldn’t donate to the Mayor’s campaign or allow himself to be extorted like most will to suck up to the Mayor.

  2. “I met with everyone, went through the whole process.” LeClaire said.
    Did you pick up the tab for the boys down at Mark’s Deli? If not, go there first thing tomorrow morning…you won’t believe the great advice you can get down there. Just ask Jim Flaherty if he’s not busy laughing it up with mayor taxman about the good ole days of ripping off taxpayers for decades.