Fiorentini Says Downtown Parkers Can Pay By Smartphone

Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini stands in front of a downtown parking sign that gives information about paying by smartphone.

Downtown patrons are now able to pay for parking from their smartphones.

The city has launched “Passport,” a mobile pay provider for parking and transportation, Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini said this morning. The mobile telephone application works with all on and off-street paid parking locations, he added.

“We’re looking forward to giving our residents and visitors this tech-friendly option for parking payments,” the mayor said in a prepared statement. “Utilizing this app gives parkers the flexibility to pay for parking as well as extend their parking stay. Our goal is to make parking convenient and easy to use for our residents and visitors.”

The Passport Parking app is free to download from the iPhone App Store and Android Google Play. Users can also manage their parking online at

“The Passport App will make city parking easier by giving drivers an additional option of payment besides cash or swiping a credit card. Using their secure Passport account, drivers can pay from their phone and even extend their parking (up to the maximum allotted time) without walking back to the kiosk,” the statement said.

6 thoughts on “Fiorentini Says Downtown Parkers Can Pay By Smartphone

  1. I love my yearly Town Report and School Department report from my town. I know where every dime came from and goes. Its been refreshing since I moved from Haverhill.

    • Glad you moved. We like at least one idiot to leave for every two smart people that move here. JF appreciates your sacrifice to improve our city IQ rating.

  2. He’s doing a photo opp to sell an App as a major benefit the city is providing??? That’s actually funny!!

    Haverhill residents have a right to know the details surrounding this parking tax !! Taxpayers, especially those people who have invested in opening businesses downtown, and whose businesses are now being negatively affected by this tax, have a right to know what the financial impact has been since this punitive revenue generating tax has been implemented. By targeting downtown with this punitive tax, mayor Taxman has created two separate revenue streams…parking fees and ticketing.

    The city needs to make public…
    1.) How much money the city brings in via parking fees on a yearly basis.
    2.) How much the city spends each year to hire security personnel to drive around downtown to ticket cars (including the cost of the vehicle the city invested in).
    3.) How many tickets are written yearly downtown and how much money that generates.
    4.) Where the money is allocated in the city budget.

    Andy Vargas…you’re all about transparency…why not look into this and report back what these numbers are!!

    • Another fart nugget of wisdom from our ungriendly neighborhood ass-hat and in sub ass-hats that always coordinate to post Why do these guys hate Andy Vargas so much already? The guy jus started. Let the poor kid community organize a bit before you go full white power.