Northern Essex Eyes Downtown Haverhill Expansion

Student Center at Northern Essex Community College’s Haverhill campus.

Northern Essex Community College could expand in downtown Haverhill if it finds support for a proposed hospitality program.

College trustees received a report last month, discussing the possibility of partnering with Endicott College at an as-yet undisclosed location.

“Northern Essex is currently exploring the possibility of offering a hospitality and culinary arts program in downtown Haverhill,” Ernie Greenslade, college director of public relations, told WHAV this week. “The college is meeting with potential education partners, along with reviewing costs and potential sources of funding. If it makes sound financial sense, the college would welcome the opportunity to contribute to the revitalization of downtown Haverhill.”

In a report to trustees, college President Lane A. Glenn said, “The college is now looking for state support, and for potential donors…The soonest the program would be offered is the fall of 2017.”

If the plan progresses, Northern Essex Community College would join UMass Lowell in welcoming students to downtown Haverhill. UMass Lowell is planning to occupy two floors of Harbor Place, currently under construction at White’s Corner. The last time Northern Essex had a formal presence in downtown Haverhill was during the 1960s when it occupied the former Haverhill High School, now city hall, before its Haverhill campus was constructed.

Endicott College, of Beverly, operates a School of Hospitality Management. The program provides students with three internship experiences along with classroom learning. Northern Essex also offers programs in hospitality as part of its business program.

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  1. As a state funded college, NECC would be tax exempt from any property it leases downtown. That then shifts the tax burden to Haverhill property owners.
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    More than likely most people who are reading this post are unaware what Lane Glenn has been up to at the NECC campus in Lawrence. He recently took a trip to the Dominican Republic with Lawrence mayor Daniel Rivera. The purpose of that trip was to partner with Dominican Republic community colleges to make it easy for “citizens of the DR” to easily transfer credits to the Lawrence NECC campus when they take courses there. Lane Glenn and NECC then hosted Dominican leaders to sell their program here. The link is above.

    Here is a state employee going to a foreign country to develop and facilitate a program where illegal criminal trespassers can utilize the Massachusetts educational system. Although the trip was not paid for with public funds or through NECC, it doesn’t matter. The fact that a state college, funded by Massachusetts taxpayers, is facilitating providing educational benefits to citizens of other countries is disgusting. Not to mention how insane it is that this program leads to ultimate conclusion of these illegal criminal trespassers then taking the jobs of Americans. Read the article…the leaders from the DR state that their goal is to increase Latinos filling professional positions IN AMERICA not because they are the most qualified, but simply because they are Latino.

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