Mass Firings of Cal Cartage Workers Expected April 30

Workers Independent News is heard Monday through Friday at 8:45 and 11:45 a.m. and 5:45 p.m.

Workers Independent News is heard Monday through Friday at 8:45 and 11:45 a.m. and 5:45 p.m.

The Warehouse Workers Resource Center says it expects mass firings of hundreds of workers who have been active demanding better wages and working conditions.

The firings are expected on April 30 at California Cartage, a warehouse serving the Port of Los Angeles.

The Warehouse Workers Resource Center says this is unacceptable and they believe it’s illegal. An online petition has been launched telling the Port of Los Angeles that the firings are unjust and demanding that Cal Cartage retain all the workers who are facing termination.

Ford to Invest $1.6 Billion In Michigan And Ohio Thanks To UAW Contract

Ford Motor Company says it will invest $1.6 billion in production plants in Livonia Michigan and in Ohio. The investments were in the four-year contract reached last year with the United Auto Workers.

Ford committed to investing $9 billion in the U.S. over the life of the contract as part of the union’s collective bargaining effort.

UAW Vice President Jimmy Settles says he’s thrilled that the UAW was able to secure these investment commitments in the collective bargaining contract.

UPS Pilots Honor Picket Lines at Cologne Germany Air Hub

About 80 Independent Pilots Association UIPS pilots are honoring picket lines in Cologne Germany for a 24 hour strike of German UPS workers. IPA spokesman Brian Gaudet.

“Anytime there’s a legal picket line against UPS and we’re in a position to support that other union, we choose to. Cologne is our largest hub in Germany and the German workers there are fantastic and do a great job of taking care of our pilots. And if they felt they needed to take a day-long strike against UPS. We’re not going to cross those lines.”

Gaudet says about 60 UPS flights will be affected.

ILWU Organizes May Day National Day of Mourning For Unarmed People of Color Killed By Police

On International Workers Day, May 1, members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 10 in San Francisco will be calling for a “National Day of Mourning” for Black and Brown unarmed victims of police killings.

The ILWU was established after the West Coast Waterfront Strike in 1934, where maritime workers faced police violence.

Derrick H. Muhammad is Local 10 secretary treasurer.

“Police brutality is a big issue that mostly communities of color have had to deal with historically. The current situation with police brutality in America, there has certainly been an increase, and since we are a union that has historically sided with the marginalized, the underprivileged, we felt it necessary to raise our voices in opposition to what’s going on as it relates to police brutality and terror.”