Haverhill Exchange Club to Distribute 1,000 Trees to First Graders

During a previous year, a student prepares a tree for the annual Arbor Day event.

Haverhill Exchange Club will again distribute 1,000 trees to first graders as part of its Trees for Tots program.

Jeffrey Linehan, coordinator for the program, said the 21st annual program takes place next Friday, April 29, at Walnut Square School.

“It’s a great event, an Earth event, an environmental event. It’s the only one that’s run like that through Exchange. It’s won national attention and, with the Exchange Club nationally, no one has got a program like this,” Linehan told WHAV.

Linehan explained Mrs. Judy Reilly’s class will sort packets ahead of time in order for Exchangites to deliver them to all first graders throughout the city in time for Arbor Day.

“Each person receives a tree and a coloring book and we teach the first graders about the environment and Earth. We’ve got pictures that are 12, 15 years old now. The trees are (now) eight, 10 feet tall,” he said.

This year, the program will receive a boost from employees of National Grid. Through the company’s“Power to Serve” volunteer program, employees will help teach Walnut Square School children about planting trees on April 27, according to the energy supplier.

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