2,400 Trees Coming to Mount Washington, Acre Neighborhoods

Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini during a grant ceremony earlier this week with state officials at Riverside Park.

New details, revealed Friday, call for Haverhill to receive a total of $1.5 million to plant 2,400 new trees over the next three year.

All of the trees will be planted “in the core part of the city,” including the Mount Washington and Acre neighborhoods, according to a statement from Mayor James J. Fiorentini. About 20 percent of the trees will line inner city streets while the rest will be planted near schools, parks and “in the yards of people who request one and will agree to water and care for the new tree for at least a year.”

“We have been committed to planting trees for a decade and this is a tremendous boost to our own efforts. We know that a tree lined street is a beautiful street that improves home values and reduces energy costs,” Fiorentini said. “This program will pay dividends to our city for us and future generations.”

Earlier this week, as WHAV reported, Rep. Brian S. Dempsey (D-Haverhill) announced Haverhill was chosen to be included in the state’s “Greening the Gateway Cities” program, in addition to receiving a $180,000 grant for the renovation and reconstruction of Riverside Park.

The new tree plantings represent “far more than Haverhill has been able to plant in the past ten years combined.” according to the mayor. “Numerous studies have found that trees planted close to homes reduce air conditioning costs in the summer and reduce heating bills in the winter,” a statement reads.

The Riverside Park project will include improved handicapped access and parking signage, exercise stations for older adults and 150 trees along the paths.

3 thoughts on “2,400 Trees Coming to Mount Washington, Acre Neighborhoods

  1. 1.5 million dollars is enough to buy well over 2400 trees and also employ over 230 people for 3 years at 1600 a month… Thats something our City can use, and for this mayor to be foolish enough to believe the citizens are this naive, that they wouldn’t be alarmed by the hysterical numbers being presented..

  2. How about trees for other areas of the city? Seems everything is concentrated in mtWashington and the acre.
    Either they pay more in taxes or the mayor tries on their vote

  3. Just when I thought I had seen everything!!!

    Mayor Failurentini clear cut a forest a Kenosa Lake to sell the lumber for $11,000.00 to support his bankrupt administration, and in the process absolutely ruined a beautiful natural resource for those who use it. Now he’s got the nerve to take credit for wasting $1.5Million and even makes the ridiculous claim it is increasing home values.

    mayor Taxman…How about next time you just leave the trees in the forest and use the $1.5Million to put toward paying off the $100Million Hale Hospital debt YOU got the city into???