Andover Police Warn of ‘Felony Lane Gang’ Stealing From Cars

Police in Andover are reminding area residents to not leave valuables visible inside their vehicles while parked at shopping centers, among other places, out of concern a gang which targets such vehicles “may still be working the area.”

Andover police Thursday evening issued a “larceny advisory” through social media for awareness of recent activity locally by a group known as the “Felony Lane Gang.”

“This gang is a national organization that targets valuables visible in vehicles in large parking lots, especially retail, hotel, gyms, golf courses, etc. Several ‘members’ were arrested in Salem, N.H. at the end of February, but we fear they may be still working the area,” an Andover police spokesperson said.

According to a Facebook group called the Felony Lane Gang Task Force, the organized crime gang has its roots in south Florida.

“(They) travel the country in rental vehicles; they target gyms, parks, daycare centers, and sporting events likely to be frequented by women and increasing the chances of finding purses left in vehicles; they conduct surveillance at these locations and unlawfully enter vehicles through unlocked doors or by using a window punch to break the window of a locked vehicle; and they specifically look for identification such as driver licenses, checks, and debit cards.”

Police remind the public to either take valuables with them or hide them in their locked trunk. “This does not guarantee they won’t be stolen, but does reduce the risk,” the spokesperson added.