HHS Teacher Seeks Election As Bernie Sanders Delegate

E. Philip Brown.

Democratic candidate U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Democratic candidate U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders.

A Haverhill High School social studies teacher is seeking election as a delegate to this summer’s Democratic National Convention that will nominate the party’s candidate for president.

E. Philip Brown, secretary of the Haverhill Democratic City Committee for 15 years, said he is seeking election as a delegate supporting Bernie Sanders.

“I believe strongly that Bernie Sanders is the right person for president in the upcoming election. Our government needs to get back on track and tend to the legitimate needs of the middle and working classes instead of the greed of the wealthy and powerful. Only Sanders can provide the leadership to change the political system right now that has become so corrupt. I never thought that it would be possible to run a successful national campaign for president on small donations, but Bernie has proven me wrong,” Brown said this morning.

Brown faces competition from a number of Democratic party activists, including state Sen. James B. “Jamie” Eldridge and former Lawrence School Committeeman James R. Blatchford. Area Democrats will choose two females, one male and one female alternate at a caucus this Saturday afternoon at Concord-Carlisle High School, Concord.

Each of Massachusetts’ nine congressional districts are allocated a number of district-level delegates and alternates, based upon the results of the March 1 presidential primary. District-level delegates are allocated among presidential preferences according to the statewide primary vote. Only candidates receiving greater than 15 percent of the vote are allotted district-level delegates.

Brown describes himself as a “Democratic activist” and reports he has served on the Haverhill Democratic City Committee since 1984 and serves the Massachusetts Teachers Association as a senate district coordinator.

“I was a key organizer for Mike Dukakis in the 1988 Iowa caucuses. It was an excellent opportunity to see our political system in action close up. It was then that I decided I would like to go to a Democratic National Convention someday,” he said.

If elected, Brown would attend and vote at the July 25-28 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Penn.

4 thoughts on “HHS Teacher Seeks Election As Bernie Sanders Delegate

  1. “greed of the wealthy” ??? This is OUTRAGEOUS!!! If this is being taught in the classroom this teacher should immediately be fired because he’s preaching political opinion, not facts!!!
    The top 1% of wage earners in this country pay 40% of all taxes. The top 50% of wage earners pay 98% of all taxes. For every dollar in taxes that the top wage earners pay they receive $00.19 in federal benefits. For every dollar in taxes low income wage earners pay they receive almost $20.00 in benefits. The wealthy pay a lot and receive next to nothing, whereas the poor pay next to nothing and receive a lot. This United States is already a socialist country where the wealthy are paying for poor.

    Mr. Brown…CONtrary to what Bernie and progressive liberals like you say, the wealthy are ALREADY paying way more than their fair share in taxes.

    Jim Scully and school committee members….Are ANY you monitoring what this admitted progressive liberal is teaching in his classroom??? Given recent news of him taking HHS students on a very dangerous trip to Cuba and Mr. Brown’s apparent fascination with communism, is anything being done to vet what he is saying in the classroom????

    • I know right? I mean, who REALLY needs democracy? We should stick to what we know best, internet comments, and just let the smart people currently running the show make all the decisions for us.